Driverseat Owns the Shuttle Business

Driverseat Owns the Shuttle Business

Driverseat Owns the Shuttle Business


Driverseat has made some incredible advancement in the shuttle industry over the past 8 years.  The shuttle industry has been around for decades, however, had not changed much in how it was being serviced.


Until Driverseat came into the light.


The shuttle industry is a $7 billion industry in Canada and a $1 trillion-dollar industry in the U.S.  The shuttle industry is fragmented, generally having a poor reputation that lacks definition and clarity.  Driverseat has built the shuttle business with a fresh approach supported by technology and one very import secret weapon.


The fresh approach:

Our team strives to out-care the competition.  We do that by hiring customer service employees who happen to be drivers, rather than drivers who have no customer service capabilities like Uber or Lyft.  We have a culture of caring and treating each ride like an experience.  Our goal is to have the customer remember how we made them feel and create a relationship with them.


Technology support:

Customer service comes in all forms. Technology allows us to do a number of things for the customer.  We provide real time updates.  This seems simple but is so very important.  We facilitate direct communication between the Chauffeur and the customer.  Imagine arriving on a flight at 1:00am and when you turn your phone on as the plane lands, you are directly connected to your pre-booked Driverseat chauffeur.  This makes the experience that much better.  We electronically monitor road behaviour, by scoring each Chauffeur on their driving habits.  We manage the rides, the billing and the customer notifications electronically.


Our branding:

Driverseat shuttles are fully wrapped in a vibrant orange custom wrap for easy brand identification.  Each Chauffeur is in uniform, creating a consistent look and feel, regardless of where in North America you are using our service.


Our secret weapon:

What makes Driverseat so successful, so different and so difficult to emulate is our franchisees. Our secret weapon is the very group that run the business, the franchisee.  Our franchisees hire local chauffeurs and motivate them. They are there to check on the business operations and are the ones who truly care about their business, their customers and their team members.


With new locations opening up almost weekly, Driverseat owns the shuttle business.  As we (our corporate office team) continues to get excited about existing and new franchisees and their growth, they too get excited about new customers and new opportunities to drive the shuttle business to the next level.



Brian Bazely is the CEO and co-founder of Driverseat.  Brian launched Driverseat in 2012 with his brother and co-founder Luke, with a desire to transform transportation and to transform franchisees lives.


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