Busy Nights Ahead

Busy Nights Ahead

Last night marked the busiest night (with exception to New Year’s Eve) in Driverseat’s history. This is very encouraging given that it was a typical December Saturday night. Many Holiday parties were booked, which kept our teams extremely busy in all communities, and call-in traffic was at an all time high, as our collective dispatchers fielded hundreds of calls. DSC_7891

We firmly believe that this is due to the vigilance of our franchise partners, communicating not only the risks associated with drinking and driving, but also the alternatives, such as using a Designated Driving service. You can see from our most visited Facebook pages how the message is getting out:




Public awareness is improving, but let’s face it, most people drink and drive not because they don’t understand that it is wrong, but because it is really convenient. It is by far the most convenient method for getting home at the end of a night of drinking, because their vehicle is in the driveway the next morning. It is far more convenient than staying at a friends, far more convenient than taking a taxi and then going back for their vehicle, far more convenient than public transit, and let’s not even talk about walking home.

This convenience factor is what drove us to create our Designated Driving service. It is all but as convenient as driving yourself, and is no contest for the inconvenience of having a breathalyzer in your vehicle. We have many clients who use our service regularly and have an interlock device installed. They have to learn their physiology and stop drinking at a certain time at night, so that they can ensure they can start their vehicle in the morning. They are being forced to make appropriate choices, at the cost of convenience.

Thank you to all those in the communities we serve for helping us get the word out, and making our work so rewarding.

Luke Bazely is co-founder of Driverseat Inc., a personal transportation company.



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