5 Benefits of offering an employee shuttle

5 Benefits of offering an employee shuttle

Increased employee productivity and general well-being

Downtime on the shuttle gives employees some time to prepare for the day ahead, whether that is a chance to rest and relax, check email, or catch up on the news. They arrive at the office already in or ready to transition more quickly to work mode. Over the long term, the shuttle can reduce stress-related health problems associated with driving in traffic that lead to missed work and health claims.

Company incentive for recruiting and retention

A shuttle program may help attract more new hires and reduce turnover because, in addition to the health and wellness benefits, employees know they will save money on transportation costs. Social interaction is another benefit for employees. It’s a nearly foolproof way for them to make friends with and get to know their colleagues, which helps them feel more connected to their workplace and have a sense of teamwork.

Cost savings

Offering your employees a commuter shuttle may be a less expensive alternative to expensing mileage or building infrastructure like a new parking deck. Several states also provide employers with tax credits for offering commuter benefit programs.

Go Green

Encouraging your employees to rideshare and join the company shuttle greatly reduces your company’s carbon footprint. Fewer vehicles on the road is a good move for your company, your employees, and your community.

Stronger workplace satisfaction and corporate identity

Be known as a great place to work, one that cares about their employees and supports the work-life balance. Employees also get to know one another better, including coworkers outside their normal work sphere, helping them feel more connected and fostering a sense of teamwork.


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