Owning a Driverseat Franchise, is the Greatest Role in the World

Owning a Driverseat Franchise, is the Greatest Role in the World

Income is the Second Best Part of Being a Franchisee



Owning a franchise, in particular a Driverseat franchise, is the greatest role in the world.  There are so many benefits to being a franchise owner and until you have been one, you often only think of a few.


When my team talks to our prospective franchisees, they always talk as to why they want to become a Driverseat franchisee.  Of course, revenue (resulting in income) always makes the top three.





Revenue and income are important. They are the lifeline of not only your business growth, but they provide you with what you need in your personal life for travel, experiences, gifts and to support your family and your retirement.  As a result, we are fixated on your top line growth as a franchisee.


However, anyone that has been in business for themselves or self-employed (over 43 million in North America) knows that control, not income, is the most important aspect of working for yourself.  When you own a business, you have far more control over:



  • Your time. We all get issued 43,800 minutes each month to spend as we see fit.  Being your own boss allows you to spend these in areas that are important to you.
  • Your stress level. You control your destiny so no longer do you need your “boss” to approve of your approach to things, your customers will determine your performance level and that comes with a lot less stress.
  • Your development. You get to develop and work on things that are meaningful to you and will help you and your business.
  • Your schedule. When self-employed you can work when you want to.  This allows you to shop for groceries or other goods during slow times, take 2-day vacations, coach your child’s soccer team and pick up your children after school.
  • Your health. Being a franchisee can be very healthy.  You can build a fitness routine into your regiment and manage healthy eating from your fridge rather than a fast food restaurant.



When you talk with family or friends or read in the news about people losing their job or having to re-locate to maintain employment, think about control of your life.  Being a franchisee isn’t for everyone, but it is for so many great people that just want to live life every day and have control over what they do.


If you want more control and if you want to decide how you spend your 43,800 minutes each month, a franchise may be the fit for you.