Benefits of being a Franchisee!

Benefits of being a Franchisee!

Benefits of being a Franchisee!


I started my franchising career as a franchisee.  Leaving a top job at a multi-billion dollar company to start my own business was exciting.  Doing it as a franchisee was something I didn’t expect to do, but it was life changing.

That was 12 years ago.

I became so passionate about franchising as a business model and about franchisees, I started Driverseat so that I could create opportunities for like-minded entrepreneurs.  Franchising has so many incredible benefits for the franchisee.

The top 12 benefits to being a franchisee are:

  • Proven recipe – the business model has been created and tested for franchisees
  • Shared resources – we have many franchisees who all access shared website, technology and support office resources
  • Training – being taught how to run the business then ongoing training and development allow franchisee to grow
  • Support – you are in business for yourself, not by yourself
  • Rising tides raise all ships – you will be part of a strong group of people who help elevate you
  • Expertise – every business owner is strong in some areas and not as strong in others. A franchisor can balance and help fill the gap with training and tools to help the franchisee.
  • Family – you end up being part of another family with franchisee that have so much common with you
  • Reciprocity – customers can use services from your location and others
  • Brand recognition – as the business opens more locations, the brand becomes stronger
  • Minimize mistakes and cost
  • Technology – a strong franchise system will provide incredible technology to support your growth
  • Franchisees – the single strongest feature of the franchise model is your ability to learn from other franchise owners

There are 4 things to consider when searching for a franchise brand:

  • Is the franchisor fixated on your top line revenue growth
  • Do you trust the franchisor
  • Does the franchisor own one or more corporate locations
  • Do you understand and love the role that you will have as a franchisee (ie. Running the store or business development or marketing etc.)

Every day is an exciting day at Driverseat.  This week we had new franchisees in the office for NFT (New Franchisee Training).  Teaching these talented people who flew in from across North America to spend the week with us is so rewarding and so much fun.

They have the best job in the world as a franchisee.  I have the second best as the franchisor.


Brian Bazely is the CEO and co-founder of Driverseat.  Brian launched Driverseat in 2012 with his brother and co-founder Luke, with a desire to transform transportation and to transform franchisees lives.