COVID Is Hitting Home: It’s Time to Support Local

COVID Is Hitting Home: It’s Time to Support Local


Infections and deaths due to COVID-19 are on the rise again. There have been almost 3000 positive cases in the Waterloo Region. So, what do we do? 


During times of uncertainty, questions arise as to what we do moving forward. How do we limit the number of virus cases, yet prevent our economy from crashing and local businesses from failing?


It helps to think about what we have the power to impact. Remaining home and isolating is the most effective measure to take to limit the spread of COVID-19. The problem is, local businesses are relying on their communities to continue to support them. Supporting a local business in your community may be just the thing that gives them the chance to survive for one more day, one more month, or for years to come. Let’s think proactively; what can you do to help others, aside from the protective steps being recommended?  


It’s simple. Be community-minded, focus on your family and neighbours, and support local businesses. Order takeout from local restaurants to avoid leaving your home, but be mindful of exorbitant delivery charges that cut into the bottom line of a small business.


Thinking ahead to Christmas? Consider shopping online or purchasing e-gift certificates from local businesses to show your support. The cash flow now could keep the lights on for them throughout the next few months.  


What else can you do to help? Start the conversation and share your ideas. Remember: Keep positive; test negative.