What It’s Like Being an Employee at Driverseat Head Office During a Pandemic

What It’s Like Being an Employee at Driverseat Head Office During a Pandemic

What It’s Like Being an Employee at Driverseat Head Office During a Pandemic


Rising cases of COVID-19 have resulted in many newfound uncertainties and anxieties among employees of businesses all over the world. Rising cases, with the possibility of looming lockdowns are taking a big toll on employees who fear job loss. As an employee at Driverseat, I would like to share my experience working in a populated office during a global pandemic.


The Job Search

When I started searching for a job, we were in the middle of a provincial lockdown. I was feeling anxious about the possibility that I may not find a job that would be willing to take on new employees, especially during a time of financial uncertainty for many companies. I came across a job posting from Driverseat, and upon hire, I was reassured that the company had strict protocols set in place to ensure my safety, as well as my colleague’s safety. It was so comforting to know that they were following or exceeding proper measures to limit the spread of the virus. 













The Protocols

As much of our work is collaborative, the leadership team decided to safely re-open the office to non-essential staff once the health officials and government permitted it. Here are some of the office policies that have been put in place for our employees to facilitate  our work in office during the pandemic. We have successfully followed through with these protocols since returning to the office after the lockdown and they have allowed us to come to work each and every day healthy, and without a single infection.



  • All employees must complete a health screening questionnaire prior to entering the building
  • Cleaning is to be conducted 2x per day (morning and afternoon) to disinfect all high-touch surfaces
  • Regular temperature checks
  • Masks are to be on at all times when up from desk or within 6ft of other employees
  • Immediately sanitize door handles and high touch areas once touched
  • Immediately sanitize desk surface and chair after a meeting
  • A 4-step strategy is in place and posted throughout the office to ensure everyone understands the approach to team safety
  • We self-evaluate the level of cleanliness and sterilization in the office each week and the scores are publicly posted on a digital display for all staff to see
  • And much more!





Without a doubt, the worry sets in occasionally for the possibility of contracting the virus, however I feel confident coming into the office alongside my colleagues knowing that we are all taking the appropriate measures to keep one another safe.