Driverseat Cambridge Franchise Owner Expands Despite the Pandemic

Driverseat Cambridge Franchise Owner Expands Despite the Pandemic

Good news in business is pretty hard to come by these days, for obvious reasons. The leadership at Driverseat has consistently instilled a sense of optimism in the face of adversity, and for many franchise owners, this has led to unexpected results. 


While some businesses and entire industries are being completely shut down, Driverseat has been extremely fortunate to have had the ability to pivot or refocus the business model. In the case of Sean Mulder, who owns the Cambridge, ON, Canada franchise, staying the course and following the recipe has had an incredible effect on his business. Not only has he grown his business in Cambridge exponentially, he has just finalized the purchase of two additional Terminals (territories) in Brantford, ON and North Bay, ON. 

We are so proud of Sean and what he has accomplished in these extraordinary times. Join us in congratulating him by connecting with him online:

Sean Mulder – LinkedIn

Driverseat Cambridge – Instagram

Driverseat Cambridge – Facebook



What Does This Mean For Driverseat In the Future?

Expansion to new areas has two significant impacts on Driverseat. Our vision is to be a household name in transportation across Canada and the U.S. New Terminals expand our reach to new consumers and businesses, resulting in more brand awareness and opportunities. Secondly, expansion brings significant benefits to each of the existing locations. With more franchise owners, more national brand awareness, and more collaboration comes more opportunity for growth at the individual owner level.