Why Not Driverseat?

Why Not Driverseat?

That was the question a customer of ours asked themselves at work the other day. They were faced with a problem and they were trying everything to solve it. Dead end after dead end. They work in the aviation industry and one of their planes was an AOG. That might not mean much to you and I, but in the aviation industry it means ‘aircraft on ground’ and it needs to be repaired. And it doesn’t take a degree to know that if one of your planes isn’t moving, it isn’t making any money. The customer had been trying to secure transportation of some parts from Thunder Bay to a base outside of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. Because it was the weekend the options were very limited and time was running out. That’s when they thought about Driverseat.

We are a transportation company and they figured they would give us a call to see if we could help them out. And help them out we did! A quick phone call to our friends at Driverseat Sault Ste. Marie, a stop top the gas tank up and a slight detour for a new wiper blade for the windshield (pro tip: when banging your wiper to remove ice, be gentle when it is -18c out!) and off we were off to White River to meet up with our Sault partners to exchange the parts.

After 4 hours on the road we got to White River and after a quick lunch with Driverseat Sault Ste. Marie, we passed the parts over and made our way back, while the parts continued on to the Sault. The parts were delivered on time and the plane is no longer AOG. Our customer is happy because we were able to solve a problem for them. The company is happy because the plane can go back to making them money. And we are happy we were able to be the solution!

And in the end, that is what Driverseat does. We provide solutions to all different scenarios. Need to get you and your vehicle home after a night of a few drinks? You are no more than an app click away. Need someone to arrange rides for your guests after your event? Our Concierge Service covers that. That 5:00am flight? Our Airport Chauffeur and Airport Shuttle services can get you to the airport on time. Having surgery and need to get home afterwards? Yup, we got you there too with Medical Chauffeur. And yes, if you need to get an important part from one place to another, we can do that.

So next time you have a situation involving transportation, ask yourself “Why not Driverseat?”