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Being your own boss has never been so much fun. In-depth training and support that is second to none makes this a great opportunity for you. The comprehensive technology suite enables you to run your business from an iPad. Driverseat franchisees work on business development, hiring a great crew and providing customer service.

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1. Work from home

Working from home has many advantages. Avoid the commute and work from your desktop. Our integrated software puts you in control of your day and can be run from anywhere on any laptop or iPad.

2. Control your destiny

Being your own boss means no longer relying on someone else for job, a raise or a promotion. With Driverseat’s top-notch technology and support, you’re able to focus on building your own business. Life is short. Take control of your destiny.

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3. Flexible time management

As a Driverseat franchisee, you will have an adaptable work schedule, giving you more control over your life. You can arrange meetings, do marketing, run errands—and still have free time to spend with your family. Rather than the business managing you, you manage it.

4. Amazing earning potential

Being part of a multi-billion dollar industry has its benefits. Unlike traditional franchise systems, Driverseat’s large variety of service offerings means the potential to grow your business is unlimited.

5. Work on business development

Being a Driverseat franchise owner means that while your team is doing the driving, you can spend time on business development. What better way to spend your day than networking and helping other business owners?

6. Run a business with purpose

Running a successful business is satisfying. Running one that improves your community is truly gratifying. Driverseat provides Chauffeurs for vulnerable sectors including the elderly and those with medical conditions. In addition, impaired driving is reduced through our designated driving services.

7. Work with committed Chauffeurs

Building a great team requires solid communication, leadership and a desire to see others succeed. This means your Chauffeurs become like an extended family. Driverseat will give you the management skills to become a great boss and a strong leader.

Live the Life You Want

Earn revenue through your business and have the time to enjoy it.

Why Driverseat?

One of very few scalable home-based franchise systems
Ongoing support and training
Work in a high-growth, multi-billion dollar industry
Technology that is second to none
Branding and marketing design
A proven recipe for success
Simple business model
You run your business, your Chauffeurs (drivers) provide the service
Low overhead, low capital requirements
High profit margins
A business with purpose


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Road to Prosperity



Learn about the business
Talk to the franchisor
Talk to other franchisees


Qualify and select territory

Apply to get a franchise
Work with franchisor to determine territory
Receive franchise agreement


Purchase franchise

Today is the start of your new business
Receive access to the inter-company chat groups
Start pre-work leading up to new franchisee training


Attend new franchisee training at Driverseat headquarters

After pre-work completed, attend one week of extensive in-class workshops
Continue training from your home office for up to four weeks following office training


Launch your Driverseat business

Open for business
Chauffeurs are hired
Plan for grand opening

Awards and Press Coverage

Innovation Award

Greater KW Chamber of Commerce

2017 Award of Excellence

Canadian Franchise Association

2017 Franchisees’ Choice Award

Canadian Franchise Association

2018 Franchisees’ Choice Award

Canadian Franchise Association


  • How much does it cost to open a Driverseat Franchise?

    It is up to $43,000 to $48,000 to open a franchise location. This includes a $19,000 franchise fee, a $10,000 training fee, down payment on a new van, van wrap, promotional and print material, initial marketing, hotel while in training and miscellaneous costs.

  • How much does it cost monthly to run and operate a Driverseat business?

    Given that the business is home-based, the cost to operate is very low. We estimate that you will operate for under $2,000 monthly including marketing, gas, print material, flat-rate royalties, phone, app fee and miscellaneous costs.

  • Am I the chauffeur/driver?

    No. You will need to hire eight or more chauffeurs to start with and then grow the number from there. You cannot run your business from behind the wheel so plan to run your business, not to drive.

  • How much money can I make owning a Driverseat franchise?

    This is entirely up to you. While we provide you with a great formula, technology, training and support, how you use these tools will determine how fast you grow your business. There are tens of millions of dollars in transportation services happening in your market right now. You just have to go win over your market share.

  • What is the margin percentage like?

    You will typically achieve 45 to 50 percent gross margin on consumer services and 35 to 45 percent on commercial/corporate services.

  • Do I hire my own Chauffeur?

    Absolutely. You will want to control this very important aspect of your business. We will teach you how and we have some excellent tools for you to use.

  • What is the percentage of designated driving compared to other services?

    This is highly dependent on you and your market. In some markets, it’s the main source of revenue whereas in other markets, more commercial and business work is done.

  • Who is the ideal franchisee? How can I ensure I am the most successful I can be?

    Great franchisees practice their trade daily. They get to know the business and their market and use the tools we provide to grow their business. You have to be an effective communicator, enjoy working with both customers and coachmen and you need to want to achieve success.

  • Do I have to have transportation experience to be successful?

    No. A high percentage of our franchise owners do not come from the transportation field. Our extensive training, combined with the software we provide, will make that part of the business simple for you. Success comes from your desire and the ability to take our business development approach and execute it in your market.

  • What is support like after the New Franchisee Training (NFT)?

    We are confident our support is perfect for you in your new role as a Driverseat franchise owner. In addition to the NFT, you will go through five weeks of foundations prior to opening. This is done from your home office. Throughout the year, we host webinars, have you take part in our e-learning Driverseat University platform, attend our annual three-day conference and receive real-time support. When you have questions or need some assistance we are only a mobile app away, which connects you to our office support group.

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