Why Does Vehicle Cleanliness Matter To Driverseat?

Why Does Vehicle Cleanliness Matter To Driverseat?

Driverseat believes that you should judge a book by its cover … when it comes to their shuttles of course!


Importance of Sanitization

The vehicle’s upkeep will reflect on how people or customers view your business or your well-being. Having a dirty car can make people feel that your business is sloppy or even unsafe. This can drive future customers away if there is a bad review regarding an unclean vehicle. Having a clean car shows that you care about your passenger’s health and safety. It makes them feel comfortable and it gives them a whole different experience compared to if they were driven in a dirty car. 


First impressions are very important when a customer steps foot into our vehicles. It is the first thing they see, feel, and smell. Below are some reviews that were left after riding with Driverseat. 


“We had Alan drive our team of 15+ people from Waterloo to Toronto to Brampton and back for our corporate team event. Everything was perfect: clean bus, safe ride, and Alan was very professional and accommodating, flexible in adjusting as our plans were slightly changing. Great experience overall, thank you!!”


“Shuttle came early. Driver was very nice and helpful. The shuttle was clean. Easy to book and the app was helpful. Low stress Airport travel. Highly recommended!”

Aside from the physiological effects of a clean car, having a clean vehicle can also affect the physical shape of the car as well as the driver and passengers. Firstly, it can protect the car’s resale value and lessen the amount of wear and tear on the vehicle’s body. Having a clean car can also help reduce the number of allergens, bacteria build-up, and airborne substances that are in the air. Cleaning your car can help protect against allergies and other breathing illnesses that may occur.


Wiping Away Competition

At Driverseat, we believe it is essential to provide a germ-free environment. Our passengers can feel comfortable and safe. We make this possible by wiping high-touch surfaces with Roxton’s disinfecting wipes. Our chauffeurs wipe surfaces such as the steering wheel, handles, seat belts, armrests, and buttons. By doing this, we eliminate the possibility of harmful viruses transmitting from these surfaces. Roxton wipes kill 99.9% of germs and viruses on surfaces, including Covid-19. This reason makes Roxton’s disinfecting wipes an ideal choice for keeping our passengers safe in our vehicles and maintaining the cleanliness of our vans.




In addition, our chauffeurs maintain vehicles using disinfecting foggers from Roxton Industries. Foggers help save our chauffeurs time between rides so we can make sure to always show up on time for our clients. Disinfecting with foggers allows Driverseat chauffeurs to go above and beyond for our passengers by providing a clean and germ-free experience every time. Our chauffeurs spray the seats and seat belts with the disinfecting liquid. As well as any hard-to-reach surfaces missed when disinfecting using wipes. 


Foggers are ideal for disinfecting cracks and crevices that would have otherwise been left to collect germs. The liquid disinfectant Concrobium is made from natural ingredients and has no harmful effects on humans or animals. Foggers and Concrobium disinfectant are the perfect pair for offering a clean experience free from germs and viruses. 

Overall, a clean vehicle can leave the driver and their passengers healthy and happy throughout their road trip. ROXTON ROCKS!