Driverseat Delivers Independence to Seniors with Innovative Services

Driverseat Delivers Independence to Seniors with Innovative Services

How is Driverseat Supporting Elderly Freedom?


Canada’s Baby Boomer population is aging and growing rapidly. Over the past 40 years, the population of Canadian seniors ages 65+ has tripled. This is due to advancements in healthcare technologies that allow for people to live longer. With this improved quality of life, people are retiring later in life and are very busy. 

Our busy seniors may not be able to drive (or want to), but stay active. Driverseat makes it convenient for seniors AND their children. 

Seniors are used to their independence and shouldn’t have to rely on (or inconvenience) a family member to run errands, shop, go to appointments or make plans with their friends to get away for a few hours.

We also know working a full-time job and taking care of your family often makes it difficult to help take care of your loved ones. Driverseat makes getting seniors to appointments, running errands, events, and social engagements easier. You will not need to worry about getting time off during the day or wonder if they missed their appointment. We will take care of it.

What is Care+?

Care+ is a service that delivers a much higher level of service than a mere ride. Our highly trained Professional Chauffeurs will arrive in a clean, well-maintained vehicle that is yours for the duration of your booking. They provide a concierge-level service that leads the industry and is perfect for passengers who require the ‘extras’.

This level of care is well suited for people who fit in the vulnerable sector when travelling. Often we support the elderly, children with anxiety issues, and anyone needing extra care when getting to and from their destination. Our Chauffeurs provide assistance getting in and out of our vehicles, with stairs, carrying bags or groceries, and assistance into a home or destination. 

We don’t just show up at the curb and drive someone to a destination. During appointments, the Driverseat Chauffeur can run errands, shop and do other tasks while their passenger is in an appointment.


Here’s an example: Our Chauffeur will help mom down the front stairs and into the shuttle. After dropping her at the doctor’s office our Chauffeur will buy groceries and take her to the salon. While she has her hair and nails done, they will take her home, help put groceries away and maybe change a lightbulb.

Driverseat provides our clients with exceptional service and care. Let Driverseat take care of your loved one’s transportation, deliver a true WOW experience, and lift the stress off your shoulders. 


Are our vehicles wheelchair accessible?

  • We do not currently have accessible vehicles.