How Driverseat Franchisees Use Tanic To Improve And Stay Clients Focused

How Driverseat Franchisees Use Tanic To Improve And Stay Clients Focused

Driverseat spearheads tactics that will create efficiencies for their franchisees and will continue to elevate their business model. In the implementation of one of their tech tools, Tanic Call Tracking, Driverseat Franchise Partners have completely recorded call logs, detailed history of client relationships, and ongoing communication automation. Tanic is also leveraged at both the corporate and franchise level for ongoing training, coaching, and development for client services and sales processes.

The implementation of important technology, like Tanic, creates ease in business for Franchise Partners. They are able to develop a better quality client experience and manage their communication seamlessly.

By doing this Driverseat franchise owners ensure high-quality conversations between their employees at their locations and the clients that they serve. This level of due diligence in the quality of our services is how Driverseat continues to out-care the competition at every level of service – from the moment a prospect inquires to the moment they leave a review after their ride.




1. Maintaining High Quality Communication

Quality control is important in the Driverseat business. We manage our fleet, our Chauffeur teams, and our communication with our clients, and there are quality control protocols at every level. Creating a superior and repeatable experience for our clients all across North America is at the forefront. Through Tanic Call Tracking, franchisees can consistently monitor the calls and ensure that the client communication is of the highest quality. Driverseat clients know to expect high quality service from the moment they contact Driverseat until their ride is completed, and call tracking monitors that communication and the ongoing relationship with the clients.

2. Coaching Through Call Tracking

At Driverseat the support does not just end in the tools and business model provided. We believe in ongoing coaching and mentoring for our franchisees. Through Tanic Call Tracking, our corporate support teams can monitor and track incoming and outgoing client communication and provide ongoing feedback for development for franchisees. If a miscommunication were to occur, our franchisees can go back and look at the record of contact between an employee and their client. They are also able to validate the client’s needs from the previous call and ensure that every customization for their trip is documented and scheduled accordingly

3. Deeper dive into tech integrations

Technology is at the forefront of every Driverseat franchise. Technology that integrates together empowers a smooth and seamless means of communication between franchisees and clients. For instance, two main pieces of software that Driverseat employs include Hubspot (email and contact tracking) and Tanic (call tracking). These two tools of software work together to record communication between franchisees and clients and set up automation for ongoing communication. When a contact is made in Hubspot the franchisees link the client’s phone numbers through Tanic, thus, when calls are scheduled the appointment will appear in Hubspot, and then the call record is stored in both Tanic Call Tracking, as well as in the contact record on Hubspot.. These integrations provide a contact monitoring system that Driverseat Franchisees use to create a simple, yet excellent client experience.