How Driverseat Franchisees Use Call Tracking to Better Manage Their Clients Journey

How Driverseat Franchisees Use Call Tracking to Better Manage Their Clients Journey

One of the many tools that Driverseat has integrated into their business model is Tanic Call Tracking. As a client-facing business, we track every interaction between us and our clients, including phone and SMS contacts. 

Through our integrated CRM software, Tanic tracks and logs, calls and client contact history into Hubspot. This creates the ability to set up ongoing touchpoints and manage the client journey from start to finish seamlessly.  

Driverseat leverages this software to provide an unmatched client journey. 

  1. Why technology is an important component of the business model

Tanic Call Tracking is foundational to Driverseat’s communication with their clients. By incorporating call tracking, Driverseat is able to manage and organize client call history to better serve clients and ensures the communication process is impeccable. Integrated technology creates ease, automation, and tracking at every step along the client journey and simplifies the entire sales experience. 


  1. Why call tracking is valuable for our client journey

The moment a potential client hears about Driverseat, they enter our client journey. Through call tracking, Driverseat Franchisees can determine where along the journey this client may be, and if they have been a previous client, or made a previous inquiry. This creates an extremely positive client experience that can be replicated identically with every point of contact. Driverseat Franchisees can also measure the success of their ongoing promotions and campaigns in direct correlation with the call tracking metrics. This is inclusive of measuring where the client is in the client journey at initial contact, length of phone call conversations, number of touchpoints before purchase etc. This data that Tanic yields allows cultivates a deep comprehension of the effectiveness of their advertising and promotional spend. 


  1. How Tanic integrates with Hubspot

While Hubspot manages the entire client relationship and their purchases, Tanic integrates as a tool that tracks all of their phone calls, incoming and outgoing and SMS contacts.  These records are connected via Hubspot to track the points of contact between Driverseat and a client.  Through Hubspot we can determine where the client is in the current client journey, and though Tanic we can monitor the details of the initial inquiry ang ongoing communication. Between these two tools, promotional texts and emails can be leveraged to existing contacts and clients.