Tis The Season for Wine Tours!

Tis The Season for Wine Tours!

Wine Tours are Back in Season!

Wine tours are back in full swing and the Driverseat team is looking forward to assisting you in planning the perfect wine tour and activities!


Start Here

The first and most important thing that you need to consider when booking your wine tour is what wineries you want to visit! 

If you are planning to have a full-day event, try to arrange around 5 wineries to visit. Below, are some of the most popular destinations. Of course, you should also dive into conducting your own research to match your and your friend’s taste. There are many smaller specialty vineyards that you can check out.

Second Step:

Once you have selected the wineries that you have chosen, it’s now time to book your preferred date and times. Make sure to call the wineries to make sure they are available for the certain time that you prefer. During this process, take notes about the times and locations so you can stay on track and not be confused about where you are going next.


Third Step:

Many groups choose to delegate a DD. But someone is going to miss out on the fun. Obviously, a driver is the better choice because acquiring DD can be very challenging. Everyone wants to join in on the tastings!

Shameless plug! Our Driverseat Chauffeurs are here to drive you back and forth to all of your desired wineries and take care of your needs along the way. We work with you to make your next winery tour a true WOW experience!.   


Fourth Step: 

Once you are all booked, it is time to think about anything extra to add to your tour. For example, are you going to make a pit stop for lunch or dinner? Or are you going to bring some cheese to pair with the wine that you will be tasting?


Fifth Step:

Sit back, get ready for a great time and relax! No matter how you get there, be sure to plan for all of the little details, such as water or other cool beverages, coolers, reusable shopping bags, sunscreen, hats, and comfortable footwear! Niagara on the Lake had excellent shops, restaurants, and other fantastic amenities to round out your trip.





Enjoy your time in the heart of  Ontario’s wine country!

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