Driverseat Doubles in Size

Driverseat Doubles in Size


March 21, 2015

With the growth experienced in the past 12 weeks, Driverseat has big plans for 2015

Kitchener, Ontario – Driverseat doubled in size in December of 2014, and has since sold the rights to 4 more territories. The Kitchener-based franchise now has 16 territories sold covering over 100 cities and towns across Canada.

“We have fielded hundreds of calls from interested franchise partners.”, states Brian Bazely, Co-founder Driverseat Inc. “Our ongoing commitment to service requires that we screen our potential franchisees and ensure they are the right fit for our brand.”

Driverseat co-founders Brian & Luke Bazely personally talk with each franchise prospect to discuss the business with them.

“While Brian handles Franchise Development with our business, I get involved with every franchise prospect who wants to move forward.“ adds Luke, “It is incredible to see the momentum and it continues to build daily.”

“The ideal Driverseat Franchisee is focused on the customer, enjoys talking with other businesses and is appreciative of a better balance of life,” remarks Brian. “We continue to pursue excellence in all that we do, however, we don’t compromise on the value of having a balanced life with the drive to generate more revenue. We want our franchisees to enjoy the journey, not just the end game.”

Driverseat is well positioned to move into the U.S. market in 2015, with plans to target other countries following the U.S. launch. The company offers a home-based franchise model which is unique as it is scalable. In addition, as the services always include transporting customer’s vehicles, there is little overhead and capital required.

“Our Franchise Partners are like family to us.” states Luke. “We have a great time with them and while they all have families and hobbies and commitments outside of their business, we work hard to develop them and have fun while doing so, when at work.” 

Driverseat is holding its first annual Franchisee Conference in Kitchener, ON, in late March, and anticipates it will be a catalyst for further growth within the company.

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About Driverseat

Founded in 2012, Driverseat is a franchise-based business with the first business unit operating out of Barrie Ontario. With 4 services available, Driverseat is the solution for anyone interested in getting their vehicle from one point to another, when better judgment suggests they shouldn’t or when they would prefer not to drive themselves. Driverseat is offering franchises to qualified individuals across Canada and the U.S. who are interested in providing solutions for their community while creating a strong business for themselves.