Driverseat’s Secret Recipe

Driverseat’s Secret Recipe

Driverseat’s Secret Recipe

by Luke Bazely

Luke Bazely discusses the Driverseat "secret recipe" - part of what makes a successful franchise system and profitable business for our franchisees
Author Luke Bazely and his family

We don’t make fried chicken with “11 herbs and spices”. In fact, we find it difficult to articulate what our secret recipe is because frankly, it can sound like lip service. 

How do you explain, in a meaningful way, that you simply want to have a greater impact on the employees, the franchise partners, the community, the suppliers, the vendors and the clients who use the service? 

What is the impact anyway? And why do we care? 


As a leader, I have always felt an obligation to use my position to encourage greatness, abundance thinking and a sense of belonging and purpose. It likely comes from my upbringing and the values that were instilled, but I believe it is also cultivated out of a mindset of eternal optimism. 

See, I believe, sometimes to a fault, that people are capable of so much more than they often give themselves credit for. Each person is capable of achieving great things in their lives and the greatest barrier is usually themselves. 

People First

As an entrepreneur, I have this incredible gift of using my position to create distinct opportunities for people to explore, grow and develop in following and pursuing their passions. This is true for our employees, as well as our franchise partners. I have the privilege of spending a considerable amount of time coaching and mentoring with a focus on the growth of the people. 

This is where prosperity happens, when we focus on the people before the profit. When we invest in our team, they invest in the franchise partners. They, in turn, invest in the client. This is impact, and it isn’t easily replicated. 

Impact on its own, however, will not always give you a competitive advantage. Over the years, we have adapted and evolved in pursuit of differentiation and finding our niche in the market. Passenger transportation has been around for centuries and began with the horse and buggy. It comes as no surprise that the industry is saturated with transportation services that will move you from one place to another. 

Secret Recipe

In the franchising space, never before have there been more options in terms of business models you can invest in as a franchisee. Gone are the days of choosing between a pizza restaurant or burger joint, you can now find franchise systems that manage mosquitos, clean your gutters or paint your house. Even still, Driverseat stands alone as a passenger transportation franchise that has figured out how to operate profitably in a regulated industry. The financial model allows you to invest minimally up front and grow your business. As demand increases, you invest in your fleet and grow your team of Chauffeurs. Our profitability stems from an acute understanding of the financial drivers and margins, but also from our experience delighting clients. 

It isn’t the single airport trip, the wine tour, or the employee shuttle that has an impact. It is the unwavering commitment to franchisee profitability, investing in our team and our partners and creating an environment where everyone can be innovative and entrepreneurial.

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