Driverseat Tech Support Is A Game Changer for Franchise Partners

Driverseat Tech Support Is A Game Changer for Franchise Partners

When working through a large proposal for a client, or building strategies to generate revenue, the last thing you want to experience is technical challenges without resources to resolve them.


A franchise system provides you with a systematic approach to technical support that allows you to focus on your business, not the widgets. 


Technical Support

Technology is constantly changing, which in turn creates opportunities to accelerate growth. Our franchise support team is available for assistance when you are experiencing technical issues that a simple Google search cannot solve. We will evaluate the issue and work to quickly resolve the problem so that it does not interfere with your ability to be productive or generate revenue and at the same time we will ensure you have the answers that you need. Across each technological platform we use, we have significant in-house technical expertise that gives us the ability to provide reliable, efficient, and timely support internally. 



Cloud-Based Infrastructure

We believe that small businesses should avoid complex infrastructure and can benefit from technology that has already been developed and tested.  There are countless cloud-based solutions and off-the-shelf platforms available that make life much simpler for everyone. At Driverseat, we use off-the-shelf, white-labelled products that allow us to customize for our needs, and give you the confidence of working with experienced software developers and service providers. We augment our internal support systems with what these providers offer in the way of online chat, help desks, knowledge bases, so that information or a representative is available any time you need technical assistance.



One of our key responsibilities as a Franchisor is to provide our franchise partners with technical expertise and guidance. Allowing you to come into the brand, understand how we operate, develop your business, and chase revenue, all with the confidence that you have a team of people to turn to for support if you ever experience challenges. 




Vendor Partners Support

When making decisions about platforms or technology partners to work with, we screen for the best support options possible. We evaluate their entire support process and how accessible their support is which has resulted in a strong network of vendor partners that offer timely assistance. For example, some of our vendor partners have an online chatbot that allows us to access a help desk, and ask our questions online for immediate responses. The powerful combination of in-house expertise and service-oriented vendor partners offers our franchise partners industry-leading technical support. 



Watch co-founder of Driverseat, Luke Bazely, further discuss the value of technical support and how Driverseat cultivates a reliable technical support strategy for our franchise partners in the videos below!