Not Just Another Job – Driverseat Does It Different

Not Just Another Job – Driverseat Does It Different

We want the best people working for us at Driverseat. Our Chauffeurs are the front line and provide the extraordinary experience that we commit to our clients, which means that they have to fully understand and embrace our culture (which is pure awesome). 


Finding the best people is a challenge, but once we do, our training and coaching programs shape how they operate, how they view client experience, and oftentimes, how they view themselves. We are in the business of creating opportunities as much as we are in the field of transportation. So much so, that some of our Driverseat franchise partners were once Chauffeurs themselves!


Let’s explore some of the key benefits to taking advantage of this great opportunity:


1. Opportunity

Every Chauffeur has an opportunity to grow within our company. Whether they have aspirations to become a Senior Chauffeur, Supervisor, or Operations Coordinator, by making a significant contribution and helping their Terminal grow, they will be afforded the opportunity to take on new challenges.





2. Purpose and Culture

Our brand promise is to out-care the competition. We offer transportation solutions for the vulnerable sector, children, families, companies, and the government. With every solution, we commit to providing the greatest level of care and control for our clients, so they can rest assured that we have their best interests at the forefront of every decision.





3. Work-Life Balance

Driverseat Chauffeurs have several different paths that they can take. Providing on-demand services allows them to choose their own schedule. Pre-scheduled consumer services can be accepted based on availability, and working in the Shuttle services provides opportunities for them to develop a schedule with their franchise owner that meets their lifestyle. 





4. Meet New People

Our Chauffeurs transport many different people. Whether driving a senior to a medical appointment or an employee to work on a commuter shuttle, they get to spend their days in the community with amazing people.




Are you interested in taking advantage of this great opportunity and becoming a Driverseat Brantford Chauffeur? Apply now.