4 Reasons to Choose Driverseat For Your Wedding

4 Reasons to Choose Driverseat For Your Wedding

You’re likely finding out how much planning goes into a wedding. From caterers to venues to decor, it is all critical to your big day. Some would say it is the most important day of your life.

We understand.

That’s why we’ve created a simple yet extremely flexible wedding shuttle program to simplify some of your decision-making and ensure you have a shuttle service that will contribute to making your day an extraordinary one.


Here are four reasons to wedding with us:


1. Customizability:

This is your day, and everything about it should be exactly how you want it to be. Our wedding services are flexible and can accommodate any of your transportation needs. Simply select the package that works best and then our client experience team will ensure that we have all of the details so we can focus on the shuttle and you can focus on yourselves and your guests. We’ll also ask the right questions, because you only do this once, but we do it all the time. Maybe you want your grandparents to have a trip back home rather than the hotel, or a young family needs to be driven home to meet a babysitter so they can come back for the reception. These are the important details that ensure every part of your wedding is the way you always envisioned it.



2. Reliability:

You might spend more time planning your wedding than any other event in your life. Once you have reserved the venue, decided on your meal details, designed the centerpieces, and booked the shuttle service, you want to rest easy knowing that your trusted partners are going to provide an exceptional experience for you and your guests. Our focus is on you and the details of your big day. We’re going to be there on time and provide exactly what you requested… and then some.




3. Value:  

What is the first thing you hear from people who were guests at a wedding? What the food was like. Perhaps one of the most memorable elements of the wedding is the meal you choose for the reception. We want you to go all in on the dinner and so we have developed wedding packages that give you the greatest value. You’re going to love our simple pricing, transparent quotes and flexible terms.





4. Safety:

Safety is absolutely our top priority. Our Chauffeurs are highly trained and their driving behaviour is monitored through our mobile app. We have also implemented strict COVID protocols to protect you, your guests, and our Chauffeurs. Before and after every trip, we conduct antibacterial sanitizing, fogging, and wipe-down of the shuttle using local Roxton brand products. At all times, Chauffeurs are required to maintain a 6-foot distance between themselves and passengers. 



To learn more about the products we use, visit www.roxtonindustries.com


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