Driverseat’s Shuttle Service is Growing by 100%

Driverseat’s Shuttle Service is Growing by 100%

Four reasons our shuttle service is growing by 100%


In a mature category (shuttle services exist in an industry that is decades old), seeing a low single percentage increase year after year is generally seen as reasonable.


Then why is Driverseat shuttle services growing by over 100%?  We have identified four key components that are leading to this significant growth.


  • We aren’t just taking market share, we are the growing TAM (total available market). We have been successful in creating new shuttle services to business customers who weren’t using shuttle services previously.
  • Our franchise model is second to none. It is difficult if not impossible to replicate the level of ownership and care that comes with having a local owner who hires his or her team to provide service.
  • The technology is an enabler. The mobile app is so powerful that our customers learn to depend on it for convenience and real-time information.
  • Driverseat’s online presence. With millions of impressions and engagements on our social platforms, it is just so easy to find a location and view their services.


Driverseat shuttle services are available for consumers and businesses.  Consumer services include airport shuttle, weddings, special events and tours.  Business services include employee shuttles, hotel shuttles, retirement home shuttles and transport to and from parking lots.  Beyond those services, there are endless opportunities for how Driverseat can fulfill transportation needs through shuttle and out-caring the competition.