6 Tips on Being Productive While Working From Home

6 Tips on Being Productive While Working From Home

At Driverseat we work hard to be efficient. Like many people over the past year, we have had to move from a structured office environment to working remotely, and it isn’t as easy as it seems. Some common challenges are distractions, miscommunication, and feelings of social isolation.

These simple tips may be just what you need to prevent some of the bad habits you may have working from home, and could also help improve your work rate.


Create a To-Do List

Working from home offers flexibility, but you may be tempted to procrastinate. Having a schedule allows you to stay organized and can keep you motivated to check everything off your to-do list!




Set up a Professional Workspace

Create a workstation that will prevent distractions. Include supplies, a comfy desk chair, or add a lamp to your workstation. Keep your space tidy and avoid any clutter that will distract you!




Dress up! 

Wearing work clothes may be just what you need to get you into work mode. Follow the same morning routine as you would if you were going into the office to help set the tone for the rest of the day. If you look like you’re at work, you’ll feel like you’re at work!





Collaborate with Others

Working remotely can cause miscommunication; make an effort to check in with your team. Encourage teamwork by initiating conversations and spark some creativity. Check in with others frequently and ask questions!





Eliminating Distractions = Eliminating Procrastination
Working from home
 enables a variety of distractions that reduce work productivity and increase procrastination – even the setting/environment that you may be in could potentially leave room for distractions. Turn unnecessary post notifications off during work hours and focus on one task at a time. Tip: promise yourself a reward after.



Take Care of Yourself

To maximize productivity – we have to remember we aren’t robots! Overworking may lead to burning out so we must take some time to recharge! Tips:

  • Drink Water – While we are focusing on completing our daily tasks, staying hydrated can reduce fatigue and improve our moods!
  • Getting Enough Sleep – Sleep deprivation results in negative work performance as it decreases our focus and ability to execute given tasks. You want to stay present at work and getting enough hours of sleep can allow you to recharge and be a valuable team member. 
  • Move – Take a few minutes every now and then to move around! Sitting on your chair and staring at your computer for too long may result in tension throughout your body. Give yourself time to stretch, walk around, and produce any form of movement to ease your body.

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