3 Reasons for Expanding into the United States

3 Reasons for Expanding into the United States


Driverseat has now opened the first two of six territories in two states, Georgia and Tennessee.  This milestone is important for this brand for three reasons.




Canada will soon be 50% sold out of territories.  The only way for Driverseat to continue its incredible growth is to develop the business south of the border than in other countries.  This important first step sets the path for growth through 2020 and beyond.


When a Driverseat franchise opens anywhere in the world, all our existing franchisees benefit.  Additional franchisees create more online presence.  It improves brand awareness and allows customers greater reciprocity.  It increases the shared pool of funds (royalties) that then allow us to hire more support staff, improve software and test programs.



Only 5% of franchise brands in North America ever achieve 100 or more units open.  Less than 1% surpass 200 units.  Driverseat is a medium-sized brand that will soon become a big brand with additional locations open.


Through 2020, we are focused on our continued growth in Canada, our growth of unit economics (franchisee revenue), our growth of the corporate-owned location which last year reported just under $1,000,000 in revenue and our growth to additional states.  We expect more states to be serviced by the Driverseat business model through the balance of the year.


Driverseat franchisees enjoy a low cost of entry, high percentage gross margin and a strong support team with technology.  This is all made that much more spectacular due to our governance model, which includes Purpose as a pillar of why we operate.  When you love what you do, can support your family and prosper because of it and make your community a better place, life is good!