Be Your Own Boss at Red Deer Now!

Be Your Own Boss at Red Deer Now!

Start Your Business Journey at Red Deer! 

Driverseat has been experiencing massive growth in the transportation industry. We are always searching for the best opportunity to pursue our business in and our next target location to start a Driverseat franchise is in Red Deer, Alberta. 





Why Red Deer?

Red Deer is located in Main Alberta, Canada, near the center of Calgary-Edmonton Corridors. It’s known for its numerous opportunities and facilities/attractions that the local community takes full advantage of. Red Deer is one of the quickest growing economies with a demanding marketplace followed by a populace of over 100,000 in 2021. With Red Deer becoming a more engaged city, Driverseat aims to take on this business opportunity and dominate the transportation industry. 

This location is favourable to our franchise system as they obtained a reputation of being one of Canada’s most entrepreneurial cities. The Red Deer community has access to major transportation routes which our services are able to utilize to maximize success! 


We are seeking entrepreneurs who are:

  • Motivated
  • Passionate
  • Have the willingness to learn
  • Determined

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What does it mean to be a franchisee at Driverseat?

Many people assume that becoming a franchise owner translates to working for someone else or pursuing a management-related position – this is not the case. You are your own boss and you’re given the opportunity to become as successful as you strive to be! Additionally, you don’t even need prior business experience! Our mission is to maximize success through a joint effort between the Franchisee (you) and the Franchisor (us) in which we will guide you along the way. As a Driverseat franchisee, you are helping your community improve the transportation system as well as supporting local consumer needs. For more information, check out our blog about why you should be a Driverseat Franchisee here!


Interested in starting a Driverseat franchise at Red Deer? Click here to watch Driverseat’s co-founder, Brian Bazely, discuss this opportunity!

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