Business For Sale in Kamloops, BC!

Business For Sale in Kamloops, BC!

Driverseat was crafted with two dual missions: (1) elevating the transportation industry by creating innovative transportation solutions through a care-based approach and (2) developing a franchise system that gives like-minded entrepreneurs the opportunity to start and pursue their business journey.  Driverseat is experiencing massive growth and is currently operating in over 100 cities where we continue to expand across North America…including Kamloops, BC.


Introducing an Opportunity…

Introducing an Opportunity...
Are you someone who is passionate and curious about entrepreneurship? Are you a dedicated learner that wants to know how to successfully run a business? Our team is seeking determined and motivated entrepreneurs to start their own franchise in British Columbia, where there is so much room for opportunity.


Why Kamloops?

The selected location carries a population of 100,000 people and is well-known for its emerging tourism industry! Due to Kamloops’ unique climate, locals take advantage of exploring the city’s beautiful features and interesting spots. People from all across the world travel to Kamloops for its exemplary wine reputation, having 4 wineries being established in Thompson Valley, followed by the experience of professional wine tours. In addition, they also have 5 different breweries. Kamloops currently has 82 parks – the Kamloops Bike Ranch is the largest municipal bike park in Canada – and they’re also known for their festivals like Brewloops Beer Festival.  With a prime tourism-oriented location like Kamloops, sparks validation for a great business opportunity!


Become a Driverseat Franchisee at Kamloops Today!

Due to increased travel demand for a prominent tourism location like Kamloops, Driverseat aims to expand its business to fulfill transportation needs for the people in the community.



 Interested in starting a franchise at Kamloops? Click the link below to watch the co-founder of Driverseat, Brian Bazely, talk about this amazing opportunity!

Business For Sale in Kamloops, BC


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