Driverseat is the Franchise That Just Keeps Growing

Driverseat is the Franchise That Just Keeps Growing

Driverseat fosters an environment where we support and encourage development in all of our locations. Over the last quarter, we have seen an exceptional increase in demand for our services. Many of our franchise partners have tackled this increase in ride bookings by adding new vehicles to their fleet and bringing in more Chauffeurs. 



New Vehicles:

Franchise locations including; Driverseat Cambridge, London, Kitchener East, and Kitchener West, Barrie, Owen Sound and Fort McMurray have recently expanded their fleet to best support each customer booking. By adding new vehicles, these locations are able to keep up with the overwhelming demand and continue to book more rides. We are also launching new wraps, which we are ecstatic to see out on the roads very soon. 





New Chauffeurs:

Driverseat Cambridge, London, Niagara, Brantford, Kitchener East, Sarasota, Athens, Owen Sound, and Kitchener West are all locations that are currently looking for new talent to expand their Chauffeur teams. We take pride in hiring Chauffeurs, not drivers, which differentiates us from other transportation services. Our Chauffeurs are trained in providing the highest quality customer service and a safe journey. Each Chauffeur hired at our Franchise locations is crucial to the overall Driverseat experience, and are directly accountable for the location’s success.  





There’s no question that the transportation industry has plenty of room for more affordable and accessible services across North America. That’s why we are always innovating and enhancing the way we operate to ensure we out care the competition, and provide undeniable opportunities to entrepreneur-minded people.