Why We Did A Brand Launch During COVID-19

Why We Did A Brand Launch During COVID-19

Why We Did A Brand Launch During COVID-19


In the middle of 2019, we embarked on a journey to evolve our branding. While most would assume that means a new logo, colour schemes and brand elements to create a cohesive look and feel, we amplified that to include our governance, goals, mission, vision and brand promise. Highlighting our tremendous commitment to franchisee success, we also built and are ready to launch several new tools and strategies, not the least of which was the creation of a franchisee support team. The result of this effort was to be revealed at our annual conference this year in March of 2020, but COVID-19 threw a curveball into that plan.


Our entire head office team was not willing to let that work sit and collect dust. Now, more than ever, we need to keep our team and our franchisees focused on the future, and where we are taking the company. This significant reveal is representative of one of the key elements in our governance model. Progress. If you are not moving forward, you’re moving backwards, and in that statement lies a lot of wisdom and guidance for how to emerge from this crisis stronger than ever before.


Logo and Colour Palette 

While we released the refined logo and colour palette several months ago, this launch highlights the evolution of our branding. It better reflects the company and how we are evolving to refine our model, our service offerings, and our commitment to growth.





Mission | Vision | Core Values | Governance | Brand Promise

As an extension of our branding, some adjustments were made to our mission, vision, core values, governance and brand promise.






A great mix of our commitment to franchise growth, but also in creating amazing experiences for our clients.








A bold statement that reflects our ambitious vision to grow Driverseat into a household name globally.









Crafted to reflect who we are as people, but also how we operate as a business. Every decision is made in alignment with these values.











Every element of our governance exists in concert with the others. This reflects the priorities we set for our head office team as well as our franchise partners. Every element is as important as the others.








If we simply look to out-care at every interaction, we believe we will all be successful in the pursuit of our goals. 






Support and Tools

The creation of our franchise support team in the New Year allowed us to amplify our progress in developing tools and systems to better support our growing family of franchise partners. In that short time, we have launched an online learning platform called Driverseat University, new communication tools and forums, and an intranet platform. The launch of these tools could not have been more timely when COVID-19 hit, as they enabled us to quickly pivot the business model to include Shop and Drop (a grocery delivery program), to launch a new webinar series hosted by franchise partners in their communities, and to develop an express version of New Franchisee Training (NFT), that allows new franchisees to get up and running with a simplified business model in only two weeks. Interest in our franchise is at an all time high, which indicates that opportunistic entrepreneurs are considering how to take control of their future. 


The results of all of this work have been increased efficiencies, enhanced and more timely support, and in some cases, revenue growth for our franchise partners. All of this in the face of one of the most devastating crises that we have faced from a health and economic perspective.