What It’s Like Delivering a Brand Launch During COVID-19

What It’s Like Delivering a Brand Launch During COVID-19

What it is like to Deliver a Brand Launch During COVID-19


During these challenging times, it has seemed nearly impossible for brands to focus on marketing development and growth, but at Driverseat, growth was the only path.  After months of curating our new branding, inclusive of new logo designs, new colour palettes, as well as a new mission, vision and brand promise, COVID-19 hit, and we were unable to launch our branding at our internal Driverseat conference. 


In marketing, we undoubtedly knew that we could not let months of development go unnoticed, so we did the unthinkable. 


A virtual brand re-launch, with an entirely remote marketing team.


As a franchise system, setting our franchisees up for success when launching the brand identity in their communities was key to our launch.  As important as it was to develop a strategy to connect with our external stakeholders, our internal franchise partners were our main priority.  We had to ensure that not only were we able to get them as excited as our marketing team was, but educate them on how to leverage their social media pages and personal brands to maximize the exposure of the launch overall. 


Think globally. Act locally. 


For our local franchisees who have been continuing serving their essential services for their communities each day, being fixated on coming out of Post-COVID19 strong has been our top priority.  From hosting Community Business Webinars to attending virtual development sessions, our franchise partners have been dedicated to growing their business through these difficult circumstances.  Our marketing team knew that the launch would not be complete without “conference-like” seminars that delivered the incredible tools for launching the brand on their local pages. 


#DriverseatDelivers the #DriverseatSecretBox


We also realized that as impactful as connecting virtually could be, we needed a real punch. Our team curated hundreds of specialized boxes that have become known as the #DriverseatSecretBox.  These brand boxes were delivered across North America to our franchisees, key vendors and our remote head office teams.  These boxes are full of new brand pieces and an updated version of our iconic Chauffeur uniforms, including a new orange cap and completed with a letter from our founders.  Every piece of material in the #DriverseatSecretBox has been thoughtfully and carefully curated by our brilliant team, taking in consideration of every piece of our brand.


So who is Driverseat now?


Our brand promise is to “out-care the competition” and everyday we see our franchisees carrying that out in their communities.  Whether they are hiring Chauffeurs to deliver groceries to the elderly, or they are finding a way to get someone home safely, these circumstances have not stopped them from caring.  This is who Driverseat is through and through.  Beyond the bright orange colouring and intelligent design elements, every Driverseat franchise across North America lives by the commitment to this brand promise.