Corporate Culture and Client Experience

Corporate Culture and Client Experience

Corporate Culture and Client Experience


Why it is even more important during these times, particularly for our team.


I have been given the honour of hosting the final session of the Driverseat Brand Launch, Wine and Dine Driverseat Time. This interactive cocktail hour hosted virtually is an opportunity for us to gather and celebrate the work we have done to bring this rebrand to market. 


Most of us have had more than our fill with virtual gatherings via web conferencing. Our desire to come together has never been more evident, and we have elected to use the technology available to us, rather than be completely isolated from one another while we physically isolate. Meeting participation is one thing, but social interactions can sometimes be even more challenging, because we don’t have a particular objective outside of seeing one another and celebrating. But we have muddled through the awkward pauses and glitchy videos to learn how to connect, celebrate, and even play.


Celebration is one of our most natural impulses. We celebrate, first steps and first words, Mardi Gras, St. Patrick’s Day… even Fridays. We enjoy a nice dinner after we make a sale. We sip champagne together in celebration of a wedding or an anniversary. Students everywhere are looking for innovative ways to celebrate graduation. It is important.


We embrace celebration here at Driverseat. Our New Franchisee Training is a celebration of a new team mate. Conference is a celebration of our annual achievements, and is always a way to stay motivated, happy, and connected. We ignite our entrepreneurial spirit when we surround ourselves with like-minded people all working together towards a common goal.


Taking time to celebrate at work is a proven stress reliever. Furrowed brows become light smiles and hunched over shoulders relax. Endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine are all released… contributing to overall happiness. It strengthens our team, builds loyalty, and improves productivity in the long run.


Covid-19 has had many casualties, not the least of which was our annual conference. We have taken it back. This week, as we take a break from the daily grind of chasing victory, let’s appreciate a job well done, and think about what has gone right. We refuse to let the first few months of this year take away our ability to celebrate 2019, and the rest of 2020.