Meet Driverseat’s Corporate Head Office Team

Meet Driverseat’s Corporate Head Office Team

Meet Driverseat’s Corporate Head Office Team


Driverseat was founded in 2012 by Co-Founders Luke and Brian Bazely. Since then, Driverseat now serves over 400 communities across North America and continues to be leaders in the transportation industry. The team at Driverseat understands that “anything worthwhile doing takes hard work, commitment, and dedication.” This translates into exceptional customer experiences, strongly performing franchises, and exciting opportunities. We are always actively looking for entrepreneurs to invest in their own future while being leaders in their own community. Now let’s meet some of the Corporate Head Office Support team!



Brian Bazely-

Brian Bazely is one of the Co-Founders of Driverseat. Brian has a strong passion for helping franchisees live their dream. As an entrepreneur himself, Brian has had many ideas for businesses, but Driverseat is clearly the most brilliant of them all… so far. Brian has an operational management and brand leadership background, which has helped him create a successful team to run and develop Driverseat.





Luke Bazely-

Luke Bazely is the second Co-Founder of Driverseat. Luke loves helping entrepreneurs achieve great things through our innovative franchise model. Luke has a sales background, which helps him obtain large contract clients and teach franchisees how to do so too. However, when a franchisee decides to join the Driverseat family, this franchisee joins the family and Luke is the leader of this big brilliant family. Luke’s role is not only to help others achieve their goal through Driverseat’s business model but also to ensure their success is always growing within the Driverseat brand.






Dani Bazely-

Dani Bazely is the Director of Marketing at Driverseat. Dani has an honours BA – Business Communications. Dani provides a vision for the direction of all the marketing, media, and branding for the Driverseat brand. She works at the Corporate Head Office, where she focuses on Franchise Development and growing the brand through franchise sales, as well as entering into new international markets.





Leanne Shanks-

Leanne Shanks is the Director of Franchise Support at Driverseat. Leanne has an MBA and 20+ years of experience in business, operations, marketing, and sales experience. With a focus on entrepreneurship and franchising, Leanne’s roll at Driverseat is to assist our franchisees with support when they need it and to make sure they get the best knowledge out of NFT (New Franchisee Training).







Brittany Rogers-

Brittany Rogers is the Director of Payroll and Administration at Driverseat. Brittany is a very outgoing individual, that is always pleasant to be around. Brittany is responsible for making sure the payroll and administration department is running smoothly. She also assists with NFT (New Franchisee Training) when needed.






Sharan Kalsi-

Sharan Kalsi is a Graphic Designer at Driverseat. With her background in graphic design, Sharan is a very passionate individual, who is also highly motivated. During her time at Driverseat, Sharan has done it all, from updating brand imagery and setting guidelines for brand management across all platforms. She also develops brand content for the corporate location, as well as our franchisees.






Anika Molenaar- 

Anika Molenaar is the Graphic Design Assistant at Driverseat. Anika is a student at Conestoga College in the Bachelor of Design program. Anika’s role consists of developing design elements and materials for Driverseat. She develops brand content for the corporate location, creates franchise materials, and develops media content for Driverseat’s annual conference. Anika also monitors corporate social media for correct branding.





Juan Caicedo-

Juan Caicedo is the Franchise Development Coordinator at Driverseat. Juan is a student at Conestoga College in the Business Administration Marketing (Co-op) program. With his background in marketing, he has the ability to monitor Facebook ads for lead generation and contact future prospects. He focuses a lot of his time on international development and maintaining the Driverseat website.






Claudia Cross-

Claudia Cross is the Marketing Project Coordinator at Driverseat. Claudia is a student at Conestoga College in the Business Administration Marketing (Co-op) program. Claudia is a quick learner and will tackle any task that she is given. At Driverseat she develops email campaigns that are sent out to potential leads and creates content for their social platforms. She also pulls analytics and prepares reports on a regular basis to see how our social platforms are evolving.






Jasmine Marinelli-

Jasmine Marinelli is the Digital Marketing Coordinator at Driverseat. Jasmine is a student from Conestoga College in the Bachelor of Public Relations program. Jasmine’s role at Driverseat is to develop marketing campaigns, monitor and report on results, researching new social media and other digital marketing trends, as well as responsible for reaching lead targets in connection with remarketing strategies. She also ensures all content on social platforms is integrated with the overall marketing plan.





Nicole McGraw- 

Nicole McGraw is the Franchise Marketing Coordinator at Driverseat. Nicole is a student from Conestoga College in the Bachelor of Public Relations program. Nicole is a go-getter and has a strong passion for innovation and creativity. Her role at Driverseat is to focus on creating educational content for franchisees on marketing and is responsible for reaching lead targets for 1003. She also monitors franchisees to ensure standards are being met across the Driverseat brand.







Subhani Shaik-

Subhani Shaik is the Associate Operations Coordinator at Driverseat. Subhani’s role at Driverseat is to update and maintain the financial records and create the schedules for the 1003 terminal. He maintains the database by entering, verifying and backing up data. He also reconciles transactions by comparing the sales and correcting dates.