3 Reasons to be a Driver (Chauffeur)

3 Reasons to be a Driver (Chauffeur)

Driverseat is changing the way people look at transportation. Heading out for an evening with friends or family, and taking a driver with them is becoming a common occurance. It wouldn’t be possible without the amazing Coachmen and Coachwomen who provide the service through our Driverseat franchise.

In nearly 400 communities, thousands of drivers, working part time and some full time, dedicate their time to driving our customer’s vehicles. It is a great way to earn money, and has some significant benefits:

Your schedule | Your terms | Your choice


Being a Driverseat Designated Driver (Coachman) is more than just providing transportation. It is an opportunity to earn additional money, on your schedule, on your terms. When compared to a typical part time job, perhaps pouring coffee, or delivering parcels, there is no question that being a Coachman offers greater earning potential, and greater flexibility.


Benefit the Community

Whether it is providing alternatives to impaired driving, giving back to the community through charity events, assisting the elderly and vulnerable populations, or simply providing great customer experience, being a Coachman has rewards beyond the financial benefits.

Earn Money

Because you are paid in fares, you have as much control over your earning potential as we do. Earnings are made up of a couple of factors, your availability, your level of customer service, and your keen eye for attracting new customers. Understanding the balance of each of these factors can earn you $20,000 to $30,000 annually – working 3 evenings per week!