I Wouldn’t Have Been a Driverseat Coachman

I Wouldn’t Have Been a Driverseat Coachman

Reflecting back on when I was younger, life was simple, lots of fun, and my wife and I were DINK’s (dual income no kids). Because we did not need extra income at that time (which is not the case today with three kids), I would not necessarily have ever considered driving as Coachman for Driverseat. Our availability would have been limited to evenings and weekends, and we enjoyed a great social life, so it would have been an inconvenience for us. Or so we thought…DS Image - Family Having Breakfast - LARGE FORMAT

Now that we have launched Driverseat, and we have so many great Coachmen out there in all of the communities we operate in, my mindset has completely changed. Driving as a Designated Driving team would have been a great way for my wife and I to spend our time. We could have set our own schedule, maintained much of our lifestyle, earned extra money, and most importantly, done something positive for our community all at the same time.about-home-bg-lrg-v3

This has taught me a valuable lesson, to open my eyes to the possibilities and opportunities that exist, even when you aren’t necessarily looking for them. Partnering with a spouse, friend, family member, or neighbour, and providing safe alternatives to impaired driving is not only a lot of fun, but is incredibly rewarding.

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Luke Bazely is co-founder of Driverseat Inc., established in 2012 as a personal and vehicle chauffeur business.