Driverseat’s Brand Identity Creates Opportunity for Business Owners

Driverseat’s Brand Identity Creates Opportunity for Business Owners

There is a power in an identifiable and trusted brand, and that’s what Driverseat is to its clients North American-wide.  When folks see our shuttles, they know that there is reliable, comfortable and caring transportation in their midst. When clients see the blue and orange colour palette online or on the road, it integrates with our brand and is a key factor in instant recognition. Driverseat is more than a transportation company – we are a service built on care for our clients.


The Brand Promise

A Brand Promise is at the core identity of any business and for Driverseat, that promise is to out-care the competition. This statement communicates our unified goal of creating a new future for transportation based on care, customization and quality. Our mission exists in everything that we do, post and communicate. Our services are customizable, client-focused and accessible which aligns with our brand promise to provide the utmost care in our approach for transportation services.



The “Royal We”

Credibility is the result of experience and delivering on your promises. In the Driverseat franchise, we encourage you to use the “royal we”, which means that you can leverage the experience of the head office team and all of your other franchise partners. As an organization or brand, “we” have hundreds of fleet vehicles ranging in passenger accommodation to suit your event’s needs. As a new business, you can utilize the “royal we” to showcase excellence, experience, and strength in the brand while focusing on the locally-owned value. As a franchise partner, you have a large network of business owners with aligned goals and objectives. Our team facilitates conversations between franchise partners and the head office team for support and shared experience.


Our Brand Reputation

The perceived brand is the brand. The reputation of a brand is arguably the most treasurable element of an organization. How we market our brand, communicate our message, and execute our services affects our reputation.  It’s crucial that our value proposition is showcased across all of North America for potential clients to know that we care about all things transportation – operational excellence, customer experiences, safety, care and more. We are disrupting the transportation industry by out-caring the competition and that we set the standard for quality transportation.  As a franchise partner, this becomes your reputation in your localized area and the tools are provided for you to carry out this message.  Driverseat clients expect excellence and we prepare our franchisees on how to leverage that through digital marketing to build revenue and grow their localized brand awareness.



For more insight on how Driverseat’s brand identity is leveraged by our franchise partners, watch the video below!