What Does CRM Software Look Like on the Driverseat Side?

What Does CRM Software Look Like on the Driverseat Side?

We introduced the innovative CRM software Hubspot to you in our last post, but how do our Franchise Partners actually put it to use? As one of our top engagers, we want to answer this question for you by providing previews of what it looks like on the Driverseat side.

Using Hubspot is one of the most important methods of communicating with our clients, and as a result, bringing in revenue. Here are some things we use Hubspot for:

  1. Hubspot automatically creates profiles for Driverseat clients, with all information clearly shown in a simple row view. Why spend time doing data entry when you can be talking to valued clients and bringing in demand? Our Franchise Partners don’t know the answer to that, they are busy talking to their clients!
  2.  In Hubspot, our Franchise Partners can see all information on their clients in one place. Emails, notes, tasks, and profile information are all one click away from each other, making it easy to refer to notes when drafting emails or seeing the last action taken with a client. 
  3. As Driverseat’s essential services are always in demand, our Franchise Partners always have multiple clients in the pipeline to talk to. To keep track of what stage each client is at, Hubspot provides clear-cut columns to view each client in the pipeline and easily move them over to the next.

As our Franchise Partner, you will have access to all the resources you need to succeed, including innovative technology. Since Driverseat’s inception, we’ve been revolutionizing the transportation industry, and we continue to do that through excellent customer service.

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