Open Your Franchise Now in Sarnia, Ontario!

Open Your Franchise Now in Sarnia, Ontario!

Why Is Now Ideal For a Sarnia Franchise?

Driverseat is experiencing tremendous growth right now which is why we are reaching out to Sarnia. Sarnia has just over a population of 70 000, the perfect size for a Driverseat franchise. Being established right next to the United States-Canada border, there are amazing opportunities for transportation from city to city. With the neighboring Sarnia Chris Hadfield Airport undergoing a master plan to increase growth and economic development over the next 20 years, we see an opportunity to fill the gap in airport transportation and assist the city in increasing activity at the airport.

What Driverseat Needs

You! Driverseat provides the business model, franchise support, and training you need to succeed, but what we need is an entrepreneurial and passionate person in Sarnia who sees the gap for transportation as an opportunity for growth!


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Click on the video below to hear Driverseat’s CEO and Co-Founder Brian Bazely discuss why Sarnia is the place for Driverseat to be.