Wedding set up hacks – I Said Yes, Now What – Pt 2

Wedding set up hacks – I Said Yes, Now What – Pt 2

Wedding set up hacks – I Said Yes, Now What – Pt 2

Wedding set up hacks save time and stress! Organization is always the key to an event moving smoothly and with as little stress for you as possible. As soon as you have selected your venue and decided on how you will decorate, it’s time to start planning. If you aren’t list and organization crazy, I bet you know someone who is, and this is a great opportunity to delegate one of the most stressful parts of your special day. Recently we heard about an unprepared and disorganized groom who delayed events by 2 hours. Not a great start for the relationship, and our guess is the poor guy was not set up for success.

For everyone’s sanity, we have things broken down for you. Luckily there are only 3 stages to the process! 

Wedding set up hacks - I Said Yes, Now What - Pt 2
This happy bride planned to have someone else deal with set up and take down, and as a result had a wonderful wedding day!

Wedding set up hacks – Planning:

Schedule the Setup: Ensure there is ample time for setup, especially if you’re renting a venue and bringing in outside help. Check with the venue about the flexibility of delivery and pickup times for vendors. Consider events before or after your wedding, as they can affect the availability of the venue and staff to clean and prepare the space.

Allot Time for Transportation: Don’t forget to account for transportation time. Shuttles, in particular, require more time due to their size and capacity. Allocate time for loading and unloading guests and belongings. Estimate realistic traffic patterns during the expected time frame to account for potential delays.

Trust Your Pros: Give creative freedom to your wedding vendors. Trust their experience and expertise to deliver an amazing outcome. By letting them take the lead and trusting their work, you can enhance your wedding experience. This applies to various vendors, such as florists, photographers, videographers, and stationery designers. Choose vendors you trust from the beginning to bring your vision to life.


Get Some Help: Enlist assistance for the setup process. Consider hiring professionals or assigning tasks to reliable friends or family members. Having support will streamline the setup and ensure everything is properly arranged.

Make a Packing List: Create a comprehensive list of all items needed for the wedding and note how they will be transported. Include details about who will handle the setup and breakdown process. Having a clear packing list helps in organizing and keeping track of everything.

Set Up: Allocate sufficient time for setting up the venue. Consider factors like table and chair setup, table settings, decorations beyond the tables, and other specific requirements such as lighting or photo booth backdrops. If you’re handling the setup yourself, do a sample table in advance to estimate the time required accurately. Ensure you have dedicated resources for handling food, beverages, and music setup if you’re responsible for providing these elements.

Take Down:

Break Down: Create a plan for what needs to be done with each item after the wedding. Identify where each item should go, whether it’s returning home, going to a specific location like your in-laws’ place, or being disposed of. Make it clear to the people assisting with the breakdown process what goes where. Account for all items, including signage, flowers, table numbers, and centerpiece vases. Consider whether guests can take certain items home or if they can be repurposed.

Efficiently Manage Resources: Optimize the use of resources during the breakdown. If there are leftover items like beer, consider allowing the service staff to take them home as a tip. Ensure everyone involved understands the plan and can efficiently handle the breakdown process.

So now you know how to prepare your wedding set up with our handy hacks. There is also a checklist you can use to stay organized that you can download here.

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