The Demand For Our Chartered Tours Is On The Rise

The Demand For Our Chartered Tours Is On The Rise

Our franchisees are able to take advantage of the high demand for our chartered services and have expanded their team of experienced Chauffeurs to meet the increasing number of chartered tour bookings.


Our chartered tours are ideal for outdoor activities such as vineyard and brewery tours and can accommodate groups of any size. Small group outings have grown more popular because they strike the perfect balance between keeping safe and socializing with friends and family. We created our chartered packages with our clients’ experience and bank accounts in mind.



Our chartered services are flexible and can accommodate any of your transportation needs. Simply select the package that works best, and then our client experience team will ensure that we have all of the details so we can focus on the shuttle and you can focus on enjoying your time. 






Once you have booked a winery or brewery tour, or purchased your sporting event or concert tickets, and booked the shuttle service, you want to rest easy knowing that your trusted partners are going to provide an exceptional experience for you and your friends or family. We’re going to be there on time and provide exactly what you requested… and then some. 






Ensuring that we provide a memorable experience and that our vehicles are meticulously maintained to prevent the spread of viruses is highly prioritized with each ride. Our Chauffeurs are highly trained, and their driving behaviour is monitored through our mobile app. We have also implemented strict COVID protocols to protect you, your guests, and our Chauffeurs. Before and after every trip, we conduct a thorough cleaning of the shuttle using local Roxton brand products. 

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