What Support Will I Receive as a Driverseat Franchise Partner? 

What Support Will I Receive as a Driverseat Franchise Partner? 

In a typical franchise system, interested franchise partners pay a certain fee to obtain and utilize a format or system developed by the franchisor to be able to use their brand name and offer their products or services – it’s really as simple as that! 

The franchise system at Driverseat takes a different approach. While we have a defined recipe, it leaves a significant amount of room for personalization and targeting based on your community, passions and skillsets. As a result, the most important and significant elements of the Driverseat recipe are the initial training, ongoing coaching and collaboration with other franchise partners. We believe that the rising tide lifts all ships, so we work together to pull from the strengths of each person in developing a community of support.  


Here are some of the key elements of the Driverseat system:  


Identify Gaps

We offer traditional support to our franchise partners through our “help desk”. It is our priority to ensure that gaps are being identified and solutions are being implemented. You may need support with technology, strategy or in your interactions with clients. Our support system enables us to strengthen any areas of improvement needed to increase revenue, reduce errors and build your confidence. 




Driverseat University

At the beginning of a franchise partner’s Driverseat journey, we offer a secure learning management system that takes you through intensive training courses. We augment that with daily interaction with your Driverseat Business Coach to ask questions, get support and debrief.  The system was designed to provide flexible training suitable to many different types of learning styles. Part of our support strategy is to identify skill gaps that need to be filled and then we provide training or connect you with suitable resources. Your training is flexible and caters to your level of comfort, experience and skill set. 



Business Development Support

Everyone gets into business for themselves to make money. Revenue and profitability are the most important factors when it comes to the long-term success of a business, so our business development support has to be second to none. We help you develop sales, marketing and business development capabilities through several vehicles including weekly webinars and coaching sessions with your Driverseat Business Coach. You are scored weekly on each of these elements to help you understand where you are strong and where you need to improve.



Customized Training

The level and types of training and support you receive will depend on your stage of growth and experience. For instance, the training for a new franchise partner will require a higher frequency of coaching sessions and a more basic level of complexity. As you master the basics, the training becomes more intense. In addition, if your competitive environment were to change like a new entrant into the same industry or if you had a major development in your growth such as opening a new office location – this would require more focused and frequent support. 



Building a Robust Network

Our training and support model is hyper-focused towards a strategy of empowerment. We empower our franchise partners to be successful and to take necessary actions which include asking for help. As the franchisor, our goal is to provide the coaching, training, tools, and resources that our franchise partners need. We help you identify where you need expertise and connect you to the relevant resource – whether that is a subject matter expert on the Driverseat team or an external resource. 





At Driverseat, communication is a foundational element of our culture. Whether we are supporting you in person or virtually, we mutually benefit from exceptional communication that is transparent and effective. We provide weekly webinars to allow us all to collectively brainstorm new strategies to grow and scale, learn soft or technical skills from one another, and build relationships. Additionally, franchise partners can connect with team members via internal chats or hosting one-on-one meetings conveniently. 



For more information on how Driverseat supports its franchisees, click the link below to watch the full YouTube video!

How Driverseat Provides Business Support for Franchisees