Too early to start planning for the cold weather? We don’t think so…

Too early to start planning for the cold weather? We don’t think so…

How often have you made it to the Holiday season, and said “I wish I were more prepared?”. It happens to many of us, and often is driven from our loathing of the cold winter months. In preparing for the Holidays, we are actually admitting that the cold weather is imminent. Here are a few tips to help you be more prepared, not only for the Holidays, but for the subzero temperatures that are approaching.

1. Make appointments to have winter maintenance completed on your vehicle – Changing to winter tires, swapping out to cold weather engine oil, checking fluid levels, and ensuring your tire pressure is adequate will help you to avoid the rush of all of the procrastinators trying to get it done after the first snow fall. For tips on safety related to winter tires, check out The Weather Network’s information here: Image-Winter Tires

Quick Tip – Winter tires are not only designed for snow, they are designed for cold roads, something which is very near. Don’t wait for the first snow fall!

DSI-VehiclesAtOffice22. Pre-book your transportation needs – Weather going to an Oktoberfest party, Halloween party, or company function, pre-plan your ride home, particularly if you are likely to have a few drinks. As we enter the busy party season, finding a cab, or designated driving service becomes more of a challenge, as ridership is definitely increased.

3. Take advantage of deals and sales – Planning out your gifts, meals, get-togethers, and unplanned visitors to your home will ensure you aren’t left scrambling at the last minute. Use a planning system, like the one that is described here:

4. Winterize your home – Procrastinating on the work needed around your home can result in climbing up ladders in the dark, and the cold. Create a list of what you need to do to prepare for the winter months, and schedule the work to ensure you complete it before the first snow flies. There are some really great tips and tricks here to help you get started. DIGITAL CAMERA

5. Document your system – Once you have completed all of this work and you have seen what was effective, what you missed, or what you would do more of, document it. You will appreciate it next year, when you are faced with the same list of items to complete.

Luke Bazely is co-founder of Driverseat Inc., a personal transportation company specializing in Designated Driving, Elderly Accompaniment, and Airport Drop-off Services.