Driverseat Press Release – January 2015

Driverseat Press Release – January 2015


January 30, 2015


Franchise Owner Matt Stovold provides services in Newmarket, Aurora and Bradford

Kitchener, Ontario – Driverseat is pleased to have Matt Stovold take over the Newmarket franchise and expand the services offered. The Newmarket site was originally a test site for Driverseat corporate, offering a limited number of services.

“Alison and I could not be happier about being part of this brand.”, states Matt Stovold, Franchise Owner. “The company already did business in the Airport Drop-off and Designated Driving services but we are now equipped to offer all 8 services, in an expanded territory.”

Driverseat Newmarket’s service area now means that customers from Barrie Ontario down to Aurora Ontario have a full service offering.

“Matt is a well respected businessman in the area and brings a tremendous passion to Driverseat,” says Brian, co-founder of Driverseat, “We are so pleased to have someone of Matt’s caliber operating in this area.”

“Newmarket is a key market for us,” remarks Luke. “The demand for Airport Drop off is substantial as people in the community seek more cost effective and convenient ways to get to Pearson and Billy Bishop. In addition, the hospitality industry in this area has always been so supportive of our service and how it can help their patrons get home safely.”

Customers will be able to book Designated Driving through the mobile App, which displays the mapped route they will be taking, and allows pre-payment on a credit card, ensuring the service is efficient and easy to use. In addition, customers can order any of the other 7 services through the website, by calling the local franchise direct or by emailing for information. The franchise is currently hiring additional drive teams to perform the service.

“Driverseat is such an innovative business. I will be able to provide customers with transportation of their vehicle to get the oil changed, to relocate their car and to take them home from medical appointments. In all, the eight services means no-one needs to drive their car when they are unable to or when they simply would prefer not to.” States Matt.

To review all the services, visit or contact Matt at the Newmarket site at 289-803-0174.


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Brian Bazely


About Driverseat

Founded in 2012, Driverseat is a franchise-based business with the first business unit operating out of Barrie Ontario. With 8 services available, Driverseat is the solution for anyone interested in getting their vehicle from one point to another, when better judgment suggests they shouldn’t or when they would prefer not to drive themselves. Driverseat is offering franchises to qualified individuals across Canada and the U.S. who are interested in providing solutions for their community while creating a strong business for themselves.