What Is It Like Working with Driverseat Franchisees?

What Is It Like Working with Driverseat Franchisees?

What is it like to work with Driverseat Franchisees?


As Director of Franchise Support with Driverseat, I am privileged to help our Franchisees discover breakthroughs, implement proven best-practice systems, and ultimately profit. I have always enjoyed interacting with different people, and contributing to the success of others, so I find this work to be very satisfying and fulfilling. I have accumulated years of education and experience in business, so it is very rewarding to utilize this knowledge and these skills to play a role that I really enjoy.


In a Franchise system, we have the potential to benefit from the experience of the Franchisor as well as other Franchisees. Often the solutions to challenges in business can be complex, but with the vantage point of an entire system, patterns emerge that shorten the learning curve for everyone. Then, by leveraging long term relationships based on great communication and trust, it is more likely that we all receive the full benefit of that shared brain trust. Through engaging with the Franchisor, the Franchisee develops a sense of commitment that enhances their personal and professional performance.


It is also wonderful to work within an emerging Franchise system, to be in a position to influence future systems and procedures. It is exciting to be part of a high growth model with so much potential. 


No two days are ever the same in Franchise support, because I am constantly interacting with different people, all with different scenarios and challenges. Figuring out how to communicate with different people, all at different levels within their business brings out the best in me, and at the same time contributes to their profitability. Who wouldn’t want to spend their days conversing and sharing information with others who are interested in the same things as you?


The ultimate reward in franchise support comes when we get to witness a business transformation, and share in the celebration when an entrepreneur begins to realize their dreams. Nothing beats being able to empower others to climb the ladder of success!


Leanne Shanks

Director of Franchise Support