Why You Should Incorporate Diversity and Inclusivity Practices and Programs into Your Organization

Why You Should Incorporate Diversity and Inclusivity Practices and Programs into Your Organization

Why You Should Incorporate Diversity and Inclusivity Practices and Programs into Your Organization

Incorporating diversity and inclusivity initiatives is really important.  As a leader, I want to foster the most diverse and welcoming environment within my organization. As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, I want to cultivate a space where individuals can be the best version of themselves. It may seem simple to disallow discrimination in the workplace, but there can be many other reasons why celebrating diversity means more than eliminating hate. Driverseat is currently training to become a Pride Certified business.  Here are some of the important reasons why you should incorporate LGBTQ2S+ inclusive business practices.


It showcases your employment brand.


People care about culture and they want to work for an organization that cares about people. Investing into diversity, inclusivity and kindness practices within an organization will show your current and potential employees that you are investing into your culture, equality and happiness of your employees. 


It fosters a more positive mental health environment.


Often employees almost as much time at work than they do at home.  Your job will be the primary place, aside from your home, and sometimes you may spend more conscious and consecutive hours at work than you do in your home.  Ensuring that everyone in your organization feels comfortable to be themselves will help ensure that your teams stay mentally and physically healthy. Create a space where your employees are celebrated for their individuality, not discriminated.


It shows members of the LGBTQ2S+ community that you are not only a safe place to work but also purchase products and services.


Studies have shown that potential leads, clients and customers want to be associated with businesses who have and project the same principles as them.  When choosing a product or service, people will choose one that supports similar initiatives and values. As an LGBTQ2S+ person or an ally of that community, you want to purchase from a business that supports all human life equally. 



It encourages you to work with vendors, suppliers and partners who are allies and share the same values.


As a franchise system, our partners, vendors and suppliers are incredibly important to us.  We want to work and team with organizations and individuals who share our belief systems and believe in inclusivity.  For Driverseat, working with a business or individual that is discriminatory in any way will never be acceptable!


It supports your organization’s values.


As a leader in an organization that strongly values diversity, we want to bring our values to action in any way we can.  For Driverseat, it is important to ensure that our employees and franchise partners are providing the same equality business principles that we believe in as an organization, and that we are investing into educating our teams wherever we can.



Dani Bazely

Director of Marketing