The Top 3 Benefits that Driverseats Micro-Transit Solutions Provide for Your Employees

The Top 3 Benefits that Driverseats Micro-Transit Solutions Provide for Your Employees

The ongoing Pandemic surrounding Covid-19 has brought with it concern for many employers. It has become apparent to many companies that the risk of having their employees carpool, or using public transit increases the risk of an outbreak within their organization. Reducing this risk has become top of mind, and even though restrictions are beginning to lift, we feel that we still have a long way to go before Covid-19 is behind us. Having safe reliable transportation options can reduce this risk and lessen the chance of lost hours as a result of those having to quarantine for 14days.

Here are a few examples of how offering shuttle solutions through Driverseat can help:

  1. Increased Productivity*(1)

Employees show higher job satisfaction, as well as increased concentration and productivity rates when the stress of a daily commute is eliminated.  Employees who drive themselves have it especially hard, navigating inclement weather, traffic congestion, and accidents all cause additional stress. Mental illnesses as a result include; sleep disturbances, fatigue, as well as concentration problems. Employers who provide shuttle options also can feel good, knowing that they are doing their part in reducing their C02 footprint by having less vehicles on the road commuting to and from work daily.

  1. Less Exposure to Contagions


By using Driverseat and our micro transit shuttle solutions, the risk of being exposed to viruses, such as Coronavirus, colds, and flus, is reduced. Using a vehicle that is wiped down with disinfectant wipes, and then sprayed down with a disinfectant, reduces the risk of contracting a sickness that would result in lost time.


  1. Providing Shuttle Transportation, may have tax advantages*(2)


Many businesses coming out of Covid-19 are looking for ways that they can cut expenses. When a business offers to pay to provide employees with shuttle options, it is usually a taxable benefit. This becomes a win win for both employer and employee. We recommend speaking with your accountant about the benefits this provides.

  1. BONUS: Acquiring New Employees

Many businesses struggle with 2 very important things: finding good help, and retaining the good help they find. By offering the benefit of Driverseat Shuttle Services you are able to open doors for those that may not own vehicles, and for those that may be unsure of public transportation during these times. By doing so your company or organization sends a message that you care about your staff, their safety and their overall satisfaction.

For more information on how you can add these amazing benefits to your organization, please contact your local Driverseat location.

Written by: Sean Mulder Franchise Owner Driverseat Cambridge