How Does Driverseat Ensure Operational Excellence Across The Franchise?

How Does Driverseat Ensure Operational Excellence Across The Franchise?

What is operational excellence? The business dictionary defines it as A philosophy of the workplace where problem-solving, teamwork, and leadership results in the ongoing improvement in an organization. The process involves focusing on the customers’ needs, keeping the employees positive and empowered, and continually improving the current activities in the workplace.”


At Driverseat, we have a culture of continuous improvement and operational excellence. Consistency is paramount in a franchise, ensuring that a client’s experience is remarkable regardless of which franchise location delivered the service. Through our operations team at head office, we build the capabilities and tools necessary to provide the coaching and support that is needed to achieve that.


Data Collection and Analysis 

Deeply understanding the cost drivers in your business is critical to ensure profitability. Vehicle operating costs are one of the largest costs you will have in your business. Knowledge is power, so we track every dollar that goes into the fleet including fuel consumption, maintenance, repairs and insurance. We then build a model that provides predictive data for when a vehicle should be replaced or retired and allows you to anticipate the overall costs of bringing additional vehicles onto your fleet. Looking at every cost as a percentage of revenue also simplifies pricing when it comes to large contract opportunities. 



Pricing Large Contracts

We have trailblazed a new strategy for running and operating a fleet-based transportation company. Our financial management methodology allows us to purpose-build our fleet based on actual needs or opportunities. This leads to reduced overhead and heightened controls over expenses. This methodology also allows us to price each opportunity as if it is a unique or standalone project, with optimized or value-engineered solutions. As our operations team builds the data models, we are able to provide templated pricing strategies to very simply price out significant opportunities.



Managing Chauffeurs and Regulatory Compliance

Our Chauffeurs are the heartbeat of our organization. They deliver on our brand promise to out-care the competition. Our operations team rises to the challenge when it comes to the management of or supervision of this important group within our company. They are well trained, treated with great respect and receive a lot of recognition and gratitude. In addition, because they often have regulatory obligations, the operations team helps them to complete paperwork and ensure they are compliant with the guidelines.






Purpose-Built Systems

We have developed an operating system that is very different from a traditional transportation company. We purpose to build our fleet, communication strategies, incident response policies, and operational guidelines based on our client’s needs. Our strength in building agile and flexible programs gives us a competitive advantage that ensures the client always gets what they want, rather than what we offer. As a result, we have gained expertise and experience that might not have been possible without it, enabling us to provide solutions that others may overlook. 





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