Explosive Growth at Driverseat Leads to Extraordinary Opportunities

Explosive Growth at Driverseat Leads to Extraordinary Opportunities

Despite the numerous lockdowns, we have seen significant growth in the consumer services we offer. These include airport transport, wedding packages, charters and tours, and Care+ (designed for the vulnerable sector). 


We are focused on moving people both physically with our transportation solutions but figuratively towards their success. At our corporate terminal, we put new concepts and initiatives to the test, fine-tune processes, procedures, systems, and selling nuances to ensure success across all Driverseat Terminals. Our continuous support and innovative business model assist in our commitment to the success of our franchisees. 


Continuous Growth 

We have not only identified opportunities within the transportation industry, but we have also flourished in the face of a global pandemic. Our revenue increased by 57% in the 2020 fiscal year, and revenue is currently climbing by more than 30% in 2021. A critical takeaway from our success during this time is that many franchisees saw tremendous growth and are now multi-terminal owners. 


For example, long-time franchise owner Sean Mulder of Cambridge, Ontario, experienced extraordinary triple-digit growth throughout the pandemic, and as a result, has reinvested and secured the rights to two additional locations. He just launched Driverseat Brantford, and we are very excited to continue supporting him with his ongoing success.






In addition, long-time franchise owners Dana and Glenn Clark of London, Ontario, have secured the rights for four more locations in the London area due to their significant growth over the last 18 months. Currently, they are in the process of building a central office for their Chauffeurs and vehicles.






The Growth of Our Service Offerings During the Pandemic 

We identified a significant demand for increased safety in employee commuter shuttles and essential services, particularly for processing facilities that had to transport their employees to and from work. Furthermore, due to the pandemic, individuals were forced to fly back home, but they arrived at the airport without the necessary transportation to get home. We provided transportation solutions to ensure everyone arrived at their destinations safely. During this time, we implemented our Care+ program designed for the vulnerable sector. Anyone who needs more care or compassion in the area of safety can rest assured that we will work to thoroughly comprehend their needs and establish a plan with the client or client’s family that everyone can trust.


We continue to leverage our strategy of developing ways to flatten the curve and transport clients to essential destinations. New inquiries for people who have seen our consistent and professional efforts are tremendously increasing now that consumer-based purchasing patterns are returning. Our innovative transportation solutions have resulted in significant revenue growth while making a positive impact on the community by ensuring the safety and comfort of our clients.


Watch General Manager, Doug McLennan, further discuss how Driverseat flourished during the pandemic both in revenue and innovative service efforts in the videos below!