Organization Tips to Increase Productivity and Efficiency

Organization Tips to Increase Productivity and Efficiency


Using a calendar to plan each day and colour-coding activities like work sessions and planned meetings can help you keep track of your tasks. At Driverseat, we make extensive use of the Google Suite workplace. We use Google Calendar, Shared Drive, and Gmail. Doing so allows us to stay organized and keep our communication and collaboration on track.




Minimalistic Approach

A minimalist approach to your workspace can help you manage the space and find what you need when you need it. Everything has a place in a tidy environment, which boosts efficiency and productivity. 





Create A Designated Workspace

Ensure you have a dedicated workspace with a place for your desk and supplies. When working from home, keep your work environment neat and limit distractions such as television, pets, or family members entering the room.





Time Management

Manage your time by looking through your daily to-do list and determining which tasks are most important while reducing the number of urgent tasks. Allow enough time for yourself to complete tasks so that you may disconnect from work at the end of the day, knowing that you were productive.





Work-Life Balance

Self-care and rebalancing your life after a stressful work week is critical. You can revitalize and rest by ensuring that you eat healthy, get adequate sleep, drink enough water, and exercise each day.





Watch Director of Franchise Support, Leanne Shanks, further discuss working from home organization tips to increase your productivity and efficiency in the videos below!