I Said Yes, Now What – Pt. 1

I Said Yes, Now What – Pt. 1

 I Said Yes, Now What? Pt. 1: 4 Answers from Kristi

The ever-present wedding tip! Everyone has advice and there is information all over the place. How do you cut through the noise? The team at Driverseat Kitchener East are working to make life easier for couples with our amazing partners. You already know planning a wedding can be a big process. Kristi, one of the Stella Collective founders answers 4 questions that may help you with your planning.

4 Wedding tip questions answered

Q) What recent “I told you so” moments can you share?

A) Book your vendors early, but only reach out when you are ready to book. We understand and totally get that deposit after deposit after deposit and straining and not ideal- taking time between securing vendors is oftentimes necessary! The last thing you want is to get a quote from a vendor, sit on it, and then reach back out after pricing has increased, or the services are no longer available- avoid disappointment by being open and honest with your vendors about your timeline of booking them. Payment planning is an important part of wedding planning. 

Q) What easy money-saving tips do you give that are routinely ignored?

A) Wedding favours- accomplish more than “thanks for coming” with your wedding favour. Something that says, thank you for spending your night with us but also something that serves a purpose, like a late-night treat or sweet!  Your favour can be a dessert that guests can take with them! Maybe a custom cookie or donuts with bags at the end of the night! Maybe even a candy bar!  Killing two birds with one stone is a big money-saver.  Go one step further- have the custom cookie favour also be the name card at their table! How cute. 

Q) Are there current trends that couples should pay attention to?

A) We are loving the Krispy Kreme late-night sweet. Not only are they a delicious, classic treat to keep energy on the dance floor, but the boxes are also such an aesthetic! You don’t have to work hard to make them look good. 

Q) What are the 3 most important things every couple needs to know about planning a wedding?


  1. It is your day, do what you want and spend time together 
  2. Candid photos make the best memories
  3. Plan for imperfect perfection- no matter how hard you try, you can’t control everything. Your day will be perfect if you just let it be.

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Wedding tips and more

Let us know how we can help answer any questions about planning your special day. While our expertise is planning and managing transportation, we have lots of connections and the ability to answer lots of wedding questions. Many of us are married, after all! As a result, we focus on more than selling you something.

Plus, we do this all the time. You may be starting the process for the first time, or just need a point in the right direction. We love how good it feels when we help someone for the sake of helping.

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