Business With A Coach: How we support our franchisees

Business With A Coach: How we support our franchisees

Business With A Coach: How we support our franchisees

Business With A Coach: How we support our franchisees. This post is a transcription of the video on YouTube.

Our goal is to provide the coaching and the training and the tools and the resources that our franchisees need.

The Coach

Leanne here for business with a coach. In this session, I’m going to share with you a little bit about how we support our franchisees here at Driverseat. Our support philosophy really divides support into three separate areas. The first, which would be, I would say traditional support, would be identifying gaps, whether that’s gaps in skill or gaps in our program, things that we need to fix.

Business with a Driverseat coach helps entrepreneurs fill skill gaps

So when you think about a traditional or a typical helpdesk, that would be kind of the first arm of our support services here at Driverseat.

Business with a Driverseat coach provides training tailored to their needs and market

Next, we would focus on training. Part of the support initiative identifies skill gaps and so if we find there are particular areas that our franchisees need new skills, we would either provide that training or definitely connect them to resources so that they can fill those gaps for themselves.

Business with a Driverseat coach delivers ongoing support for business development best practices

And then the third and arguably the most important is business development support. Ultimately, we are focused on the profitability and revenue of our individual units. And so helping them brainstorm and work towards profitability and maximizing revenue is really kind of the third area where we focus on. The next arm of our support framework for Driverseat franchisees is rooted in their initial franchisee training.

We pride ourselves on being super flexible. We were able to transition to a virtual training scenario almost immediately during 2020, and it really was by virtue of our extremely flexible system. And it’s also flexible for different learning styles. We use a combination of media, whether that’s recorded webinars or online learning assignment based exercises. We do all kinds of simulations throughout the training and really offer a broad range of training and protocols and strategies just to make sure that we’re super flexible and interactive with our new franchisees.

How we support our franchisees

We want to make sure that when somebody leaves our new franchisee training, they are ready to literally hit the road. And then we also offer ongoing and customized support that’s super relevant to the stage of business that the franchisee is in. And by that, that customization is once the franchisee has the basic skills needed to run a successful Driverseat franchise, we really allow the performance and the numbers and them identifying needs to dictate the frequency and the intensity of the training and the support that we offer.

We work really, really hard to provide whatever support is necessary that’s relevant to the stage of the business. And so obviously a new franchisee starting out is probably going to want and need a little bit more guidance and support. Whereas somebody who’s been in our system for a while with a little bit more experience may not require as much.

Driverseat coaching grows with our partners

But then if something were to change, say, a new competitor or a major acquisition or development in the growth of the business, say opening of an office location or a contract that required a rapid expansion of staff, well, those would trigger more focused and more frequent training relevant to the stage of the business. So really throughout all of is that it’s the customization and being flexible and just making sure that our franchisees get what they need in terms of support and we meet them where they are.

Custom coaching for each franchisee

Our training and support model is focused very much on empowerment. You’ve heard the saying it’s better to teach a man to fish than to give him a fish. And so we really, really do subscribe to that thinking. Our goal is to provide the coaching and the training and the tools and the resources that our franchisees need. We empower them to be successful.

And so whenever you take a look at any of the support that we offer, it’s very much focused towards a strategy of empowerment and giving them what they need to be successful. Thank you so much for joining us for business with a coach where we offer tips and tricks and coaching as if you were at Driverseat franchisee.

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