How Did Driverseat Revolutionize Transportation?

How Did Driverseat Revolutionize Transportation?

We want to let you in on one of the secrets to our success: out-caring the competition. But what does this really mean? In the multi-billion dollar transportation industry, there is a huge gap in the transportation industry between rideshare and large coach buses. That is where Driverseat comes in. In a rather transactional industry, we change the game by hyper-focusing on care-based transportation, and this is how we set ourselves apart from all the other transportation companies out there. 

At Driverseat, we govern ourselves by five critical principles. How have we exemplified these principles?




We are people-focused. Driverseat is located in 400+ communities across North America and lays a strong transportation foundation in all of them. We provide an essential service catered to anyone and everyone. 




We provide all of our Franchise Partners with a proven business model to success. We stop at nothing to support their growth and are fixated on their top-line revenue growth. Just last month, we saw our Franchise Partner Virin Maharaj set a record-breaking number in pre-sale revenue numbers and had the best month of revenue growth at Driverseat in 10 years of our history!




Driverseat is a business with a purpose as its foundation. We empower our Franchise Partners to run their own business for themselves and for their communities. Our services are especially essential for the vulnerable sector and we personalize transportation in an industry of automation and cold, hard transactions. 




Things are never boring at Driverseat! We firmly believe that if the company isn’t growing, it’s dying. Progress is always being made and we have been growing rapidly, even more so now coming out of the pandemic. Just last month, Driverseat experienced a 25% revenue increase month-over-month, making up to over a tremendous 100% increase from last year. 




Franchising is about business and purpose, but it’s also about fun! At Head Office, we enjoy biweekly Gage Huddles to get together as well as monthly communal fun lunches. Sometimes, our Franchise Partners fly down to join us, and of course, every day is fun when you work in what you love. 




At Driverseat, we believe that people need to be treated fairly, we have to enjoy what we do, we have to act with integrity and respect, and if the company is not growing, it’s dying. Keeping these critical philosophies in balance allows us to act with humility and be courageous enough to want something more for our lives.

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