Wedding Shuttle Reservations are Exploding!

Wedding Shuttle Reservations are Exploding!

Congratulations on the big engagement! If you thought boxing day shopping was busy, requests for wedding shuttles definitely takes the cake.

After two long years of cancelled events and isolation, we have experienced an overflowing demand for our robust wedding shuttles for the 2022 wedding season. We’ve found ourselves questioning, ‘is it the long-awaited anticipation to finally get together and celebrate?’ ‘Is it the urgent desire to finally tie the knot after years of waiting?’ Or maybe it’s because of all of the moments we’ve missed out on. You deserve to celebrate your perfect day just as you’ve always imagined it. 

With the wedding market back in action after what feels like an eternity, couples are making changes to their wedding plans. They are taking greater measures when ensuring that everything flows smoothly for their wedding day. Here are some of the changes we’ve been seeing: 


Couples are considering easy and flexible options. 

We’ve spoken to many couples facing difficulty in landing a wedding venue, hiring a DJ, photographer or caterer. Because of the dynamic and unpredictable nature of the pandemic, flexibility is more and more important. Remember to book your transportation – not just the bridal party! A big trend is to provide transportation for guests. Getting them between the ceremony and reception safely and comfortably sets a wedding apart. This way, everyone can enjoy the reception to the fullest. 


With the uncertainty of ongoing restrictions and gathering limits, it is no longer as easy for couples to only consider the big wedding. We’ve noticed that now, couples place value in ensuring all of their closest friends and family will be taken care of. Weddings are becoming more private and intimate so that their plans are able to be flexible as a precaution.


Put more money into the experience and skip the limo.

In previous years, couples have used much of their wedding budget towards renting the big fancy limo instead of delving into the details of their actual experience. Anyone who has tried to climb into a limousine in heels and a wedding dress will tell you it is not a fun experience. Not only are traditional limousines expensive, cumbersome and clunky, but they are also just not practical. There are alternative options that are less expensive and much better.



Now that wedding season is back in full swing, transportation is a hot commodity. Many couples plan dates for all of their events, starting with pre-wedding parties (stag & doe, showers, dinners), the wedding day and honeymoon travel. When you pre-book these services, there are not only savings, but piece-of-mind knowing everything is taken care of in advance. No more having to worry about getting yourself a designated driver or booking a taxi at the end of the night. Our Elite offering (a luxury black SUV service;) is the perfect choice for the bridal party and the newlyweds as they make their way to the airport to leave for their honeymoon.


Weddings are happening on non-traditional dates.

To save some of the venue budgets and add more elements to the wedding, couples have booked their wedding on off-peak days of the week! Especially for the 2022 wedding season, couples have been making it official on weekdays such as Thursdays and Sundays for more intimate gatherings. With pandemic interruptions disrupting guest lists and affecting dates, couples are more urgent than ever to finally get married. Guests are looking forward to finally attending weddings and blowing off all of that “lockdown energy”.


Couples are not stopping with the ceremony and reception.

Couples are taking back all of the time they’ve lost to the pandemic and making the most of the entire wedding experience. Why celebrate your love on just one day? Wedding planners are now putting an emphasis on organizing the bachelor/bachelorette parties, photoshoots, bridal showers, rehearsal dinners, and honeymoons, all of which require a mode of transportation. We have experienced a great flow of requests for our Elite services to be used on a girls’ night out and for multi-location photoshoots because of the sleek and luxurious look.


Couples also tell us that their guests rave about having access to flexible transportation. As an example, couples with small children can take the kids home after the ceremony, taking them home to the babysitter and returning on the shuttle to enjoy the reception. Or taking grandparents home early and safely.


We consider ourselves to be very fortunate to participate in weddings. There are few services as rewarding as being witness to a new start for a family. It is interesting to see how much has changed over the past two years, but the one thing that’s remained is the excitement and anticipation to finally say, “I do.”